Rockland Luggage Review

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If you’re known to travel often, then you’re probably well aware of the difficulties and annoyances that packing your luggage can bring. For instance, you’ll have to find luggage that’s able to fit all of your belongings with you on your trip, and you’ll also have to find some that are lightweight because of the strict weight limits there are while traveling on planes.

Given these factors, finding the right type of luggage to take on your trip can be difficult. That’s why we’re looking at and reviewing  Rockland Luggage. It’s classified as a high-quality brand that’s able to offer durable material as well as lightweight bags. Here is a complete guide regarding Rockland as well as five of their best luggage products on the market.

Here is the Rockland Luggage we will be reviewing:

Rockland Luggage Rundown

Rockland Luggage is a brand under a company called Fox Luggage Inc., a California-based luggage and bag manufacturer. Rockland takes its designs from anything that is going on in the world. They have classic designs as well as ultra-modern designs on their luggage, bags, and other products. We have mainly chosen sets to feature below because they are great quality and also showcase the variety of cases Rockland offers.

Benefits of Rockland Luggage


When you’re shopping for luggage, you’ll want to make sure that, if the luggage you’re interested in is lockable, then it must be TSA-Approved. The TSA is allowed to search through practically every bag in the airport, so having a locking system that’s TSA-approved can help to ensure they do not break your lock in order to search through your items.

Many Rockland Luggage items do not have built-in lock systems but do feature zippers that can be secured with your own travel lock.


Rockland uses a variety of different materials to produce its luggage. These materials include polycarbonate and ABS for their hardside cases which are about as tough as hard plastic can get while keeping the cost down. And for softside cases, they use tough polyester, usually a heavy-duty 600 denier.


Rockland is a stylish brand that makes good looking luggage in a variety of colors and designs. Some models have as many as 30 or more different patterns or colors to choose from. They have something for everyone from standard black or grey to shimmering bronzes or “magenta white”. Stand out from the crowd, and find your luggage fast, or blend in a remain unnoticed, have it your way.

Different Types of Luggage

Here we will take a little look at luggage in general if you’re already well aware of what you’re looking for, feel free to skip down to the reviews.

Wheeled Duffels

Wheeled duffels are…well…duffel bags that are on wheels. Many are able to fit a large amount of storage in their compartments since the material is malleable and able to shape to your specific belongings inside of it. They also come in a variety of different sizes and styles and can be composed of a variety of different materials. They are much easier than their non-wheeled alternatives and many can carry a lot of things too.

Wheeled Luggage

The most common type of luggage that people take traveling is wheeled luggage. It is the most versatile and many models are produced with the most durable material, offering the most stability out of most of the luggage types. They offer the most basic features, and they’re extremely versatile since they can be used for a variety of different purposes including business trips, vacations, or even personal reasons.

They usually feature a retractable handle that can be adjusted to fit your height, and they contain either two or four wheels that offer optimal mobility across a variety of different surfaces.

Carry-on Luggage

Carry-on luggage is a smaller, compact type of luggage that are convenient as they are less likely to get checked by the TSA at the airport. They’re specifically designed so that you can fit more of your belongings in them without having to worry about the weight. Not only that, but you don’t have to worry about any luggage fees since carry-on bags often don’t get charged.

Variety of styles

Aside from the luggage material and deliverables overall, Rockland offers great quality luggage in a large variety of styles. Consequently, you can choose a certain type of luggage style and design that works well for your specific preferences and needs.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing


It’s a good idea to consider how easy it is to transport the luggage around with you. Since you’ll likely be carrying it with you throughout the whole airport and while you’re traveling from the airport to your hotel and back, you’ll want to make sure that your luggage can easily move from place to place and does so in a way that is comfortable for you.

The main part of a case that indicates the type of mobility is the number of wheels it has. Two-wheeled bags are recommended if you have to carry the luggage on bumpy roads since it can simply be pulled behind you and can handle rougher terrain. But luggage with four wheels is recommended if you don’t want or need to pull the bag behind you, and you’d rather push it in front of or alongside your body. Spinner wheels can be difficult to handle on rougher surfaces and perform best in airport terminals and hotel lobbies.


Luggage, especially checked luggage, is likely to be thrown around, at least a little, when on planes and while you’re transporting it from your car to other places as well, it’s important that you consider purchasing a bag that’s produced with durable materials. Not only should the material be somewhat water-resistant and stable, but also make sure that the zipper and handles are good quality as they are often the first to go on cheaply made cases. Which leads us to…


You’ll be traveling with this luggage, and things will inevitably happen. You don’t want to have to deal with any zippers breaking or with any holes or tears developing into the fabric of the luggage, while you’re away from home especially. Because of that, you should make sure that the bag you’re purchasing is high-quality and can, hopefully, last you not only throughout your upcoming trip but for years to come. A warranty is always good to look out for too.


This aspect of a suitcase may not be all that important to everyone, but it sure seems to matter to Rockland. The design of the outside of the case is one thing and offers the best options to either stand out or blend in when you travel. Standing out can certainly make it easier to locate your checked luggage upon arrival but for those who shy away from the spotlight, many cases come in a subtle black or navy blue.

Men checking luggage at baggage claim

The design of the inside can also be hugely important. Some cases offer tons of pockets and compartments all over to help you better organize your belongings. Whereas others offer very basic organization options that leave sorting your items to a more do-it-yourself approach (Enter: packing cubes).

Product Reviews

Without further ado, here are the top 5 pieces of luggage from Rockland Luggage. Above we have repeated how colorful and design-focused this brand is, and we are well aware that our first two recommendations are black, bear with us, more color is on the way!

Rockland Luggage Melbourne Carry-on Luggage


This Rockland Melbourne Carry-on is produced from a highly durable hard plastic called ABS, about as tough as you can get. This durable construction can help the case withstand a large amount of wear and tear. This carry-on comes with doubled-up spinner wheels for extra durability and a sturdy aluminum telescoping handle to steer them with. This expandable case is also available in over 30 colors and designs, how about charcoal with orange accents, or what they call “Goldwave”?

The case is fully lined inside with good quality materials and offers a full-sized zipped off pocket in the top section so you can enjoy double-sided packing. There there is also a built-in toiletries pack in there, so you don’t need to bring your own.

>>Find the Rockland Luggage Melbourne Carry-on on Amazon<<


  • Exterior is made from tough ABS plastic, offering good protection to your items
  • Features a spinner wheelset with doubled-up wheels to help with movability and durability
  • Includes a comfortable ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle that has an adjustable height.
  • Comes in over 30 different colors and designs, there is literally something for everyone.
  • The zipper is designed to be locked with your own travel lock to protect your items.
  • Expandable, allowing extra space inside if needed, good organization options and compression straps inside.


  • If you were looking for a “chocolate brown” design, they have it – but the wheels are a little different
  • For those wondering where they can find an identical larger version to go with it, read below.

>>Find the Rockland Luggage Melbourne Carry-on on Amazon<<

Rockland 2-piece Expandable Spinner Set

This set may look familiar as it features the carry-on above! But this also set includes a matching mid-size 28-inch suitcase. Identical in every way apart from the size, these cases are both made from a tough and durable ABS plastic, both offer doubled-up spinner wheels which help with durability, and both come in nearly 40 different colors and designs. (No mix and match though I’m afraid.)

Both of these packs are also expandable, offering great space in the carry-on and a ton of space in the suitcase. The interiors are lined with beautiful material no matter what external design you choose and offer a full-size zipped off section in the top, great for double-sided packing, and a toiletries bag is built-in too.

>>Find the Rockland 2-piece Expandable Spinner Set on Amazon<<


  • Identical cases, one 20-inch carry-on, and one mid-sized 28-inch suitcase.
  • Made from durable ABS plastic that helps to protect your belongings when traveling.
  • Both cases are lockable to protect your items with the use of a luggage lock.
  • Perfect for a single traveler or a couple, tons of space for up to two people on a week-long trip.
  • Great quality lining inside with a fully-zipped off top section and a built-in toiletries bag.
  • Available in tons of different color and design options so you can blend in or stand out.


  • Some of the different designs come with a different wheel set-up, a heads-u: they may not be as advertised here.

>>Find the Rockland 2-piece Expandable Spinner Set on Amazon<<

Rockland Luggage 2-piece Printed Pink Bandana Set

This 2-piece Luggage Pink Bandana Set will no doubt add a splash of color to any baggage claim. With almost 40 different designs, there is something for everyone and yes, they get funkier than you see here, can anyone say “purple leopard?” This set differs from others on this list as it is a 2-piece softside option, with a carry-on case and matching tote bag that could easily work as your personal item. The set also comes with a travel lock and key included so that you can secure the main zipper on the carry-on – nice touch.

These pretty cases are tough as nails, made from 600 Denier polyester and with a tough 2-wheel set on the carry-on for pulling behind you. The inside of the carry-on is very basic, with no extra pieces taking up precious space and a few pockets found in the lining and in the top section. The tote bag offers lots of space and pockets to pack everything you’d need access to on a flight and has a good set of handles and a shoulder strap so you can carry it any way you want.

>>Find the Rockland Luggage 2-piece Printed Pink Bandana Set on Amazon<<


  • Luggage set includes 2 pieces, one 19-inch carry on and one 14″ matching tote bag
  • Tote bag attaches snugly to the telescoping handle on the carry-on and sits on top while you wheel.
  • Carry-on features 2 smooth wheels for pulling behind and the tote offers nice handles and a shoulder strap,
  • Travel lock and ket included in the set to secure the main zipper on the carry-on.
  • Great for carry-on only travel as you will likely be able to bring both on the plane with you.
  • Durable material on the exterior for both pieces and good quality lining on the inside.
  • Offered in nearly 40 different designs, match this carry-on pair to your personal travel style.


  • Luggage set does not include checked luggage.

>>Find the Rockland Luggage 2-piece Printed Pink Bandana Set on Amazon<<

Rockland Luggage 4-piece Set

This 4-piece Rockland Luggage Set includes a 12-inch tote bag, a 19-inch carry-on, a 24-inch mid-size, and a 28-inch full-size case. You’ll never need another case as this variety can serve you no matter what type of trip you are taking. There are three identical softside cases as far as pockets, features, and style go. All offer a 2-wheel set-up for pulling it behind you, they all expand for extra capacity, all offer good standard pockets inside and out, and are all made from good quality 100% polyester that can help withstand the wear and tear that comes with traveling.

You can find this set in almost 20 different colors and external designs so you should be able to find something to match any style with this complete luggage set.

>>Find the Rockland Luggage 4-piece Charcoal Set on Amazon<<


  • Set includes a 12-inch tote bag, a 19-inch carry-on, a 24-inch mid-size, and a 28-inch full-size case.
  • The tote bag can be attached with a strap to the telescoping handle of any of the other cases.
  • Each case comes with its own lock and key included to secure the zipper on the main compartment.
  • Includes a telescoping handle with a padded top and side grip handles.
  • Features a 2-wheel set-up for pulling the cases behind you.
  • All cases are expandable offering extra capacity, you can find a size guide if you follow the links.
  • Softside material is made from 100% polyester designed to withstand the knocks and bumps of travel.
  • A case for any duration or type of trip, you’ll never need another one.


  • Not as many design options as others on this list.
  • The full set may be too many for some travelers, but cases are good for storing out-of-season clothes too.

>>Find the Rockland Luggage 4-piece Charcoal Set on Amazon<<

Rockland Luggage 3-piece Metallic Bronze Set

Finishing this round-up with a bang! Yes, this Metallic Bronze 3-piece set includes a 20-inch carry-on, a 24-inch mid-size, and a 28-inch full-size hardside case. These cases are made with a 50% polycarbonate/50% ABS mix, two of the toughest materials in the industry. The set offers 4-spinner wheels on each case and a sturdy telescoping handle for steering.

Inside you’ll find a fully-zipped off section in the top so that you can enjoy double-sided packing, lots of pockets, and compression straps to help keep everything in place. Only a few other colors are available but this is a good looking set of cases with great features and function.

>>Find the Rockland 3-piece Metallic Bronze Set on Amazon<<


  • This set includes a 20-inch carry-on, a 24-inch mid-size and a 28-inch full-size hardside case.
  • Exteriors are made from a 50% polycarbonate/50% ABS mix – two very durable materials.
  • All features 4 spinner wheels and sturdy telescoping handles for steering.
  • The zippers on each case is designed to be locked if you have a travel lock.
  • Good organizational features inside with many pockets and compression straps.
  • Available in either bronze (pictured), carbon, silver, or “fiber” colors.


  • Spinner wheels may not be to most durable.

>>Find the Rockland 3-piece Metallic Bronze Set on Amazon<<


Each of the Rockland products included on this list allows you to transport your luggage effectively and in any style you like. Not only that, but these quality luggage options from Rockland offer effective protection, durability and comfort. Given each of the different features that the cases offer, it may be difficult to choose the best one for your specific needs.

Consequently, we recommend #3 the 2-piece Printed Pink Bandana Luggage Set. This set is great because it offers a carry-on and a tote bag that matches and can be carried conveniently together. This is a great place to start with the Rockland Luggage brand as it can give you a feel for the quality of their products. This softside set is also perfect for carry-on only travel, where you don’t need to wait to claim your checked baggage as the tote bag can count as your personal item on many different flights. And of course there are a ton of different designs to choose from, our personal favorite is the “Kensington” design.

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