Olympia Luggage Reviews

If you’re in a hurry and are here to find out what the best piece of Olympia luggage is then we recommend the Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag as the best one.

Olympia is an international travel brand on top of many national brands, including Olympia USA. They offer a wide range of different types of luggage and we have a diverse selection to share with you below. Known for their innovative designs, often flashy color options, and good overall value. Many of Olympia’s products are loved by hundreds, if not thousands of happy travelers.

Due to Olympia’s wide array of luggage, regardless of whether you’re traveling on vacation to the Bahamas with your partner, going on a family vacation to a different country, or you’re simply going on a business trip, Olympia may have just what you need. But before we get to the top 5 pieces of Olympia Luggage, let’s talk about luggage basics. 

The luggage market is extremely diverse with many different brands and different types of luggage available for different purposes. This can make choosing the best luggage for your specific needs, a lengthy process. To guide you through this diverse market, we take a closer look at Olympia and its top 5 pieces of luggage.

Here are the best Olympia Luggage products that we will be reviewing:

Types of Olympia Luggage

Rolling Suitcases

The most common type of luggage used for traveling is the rolling suitcase, either as a large upright case, or a smaller case designed to carry-on the plane with you. They mainly come with either two or four wheels, both equally good options and it comes down to your personal preference of how you’d like to wheel them. They certainly offer the most support, durability, and capacity of all luggage while you’re traveling and are therefore are a staple in all luggage collections. Olympia offers carry-on cases, larger upright checked luggage, and other smaller items like their totes come on wheels too.


Totes or travel totes are bags that offer fashion as well as the convenience of carrying your luggage around with you. They’re technically designed as larger purses and can carry a larger number of your belongings than a typical purse can. This is great for a comfortable feel while you’re traveling either through the air, by car, or even on foot. They often come equipped with straps and handles that you can utilize in order to easily transport the bag with you, while also freeing up your hands for other purposes. 

Garment Bags

Garment bags are generally designed to be brought along with your other luggage. They are there to hold, protect, and transport your more formal garments, such as a dress, gown, or suit. They offer more features to keep your clothing wrinkle-free and in good shape upon arrival than other traditional luggage, and often have a built-in hanger to hold the shape of your garment and continue to be useful when you reach your hotel or accommodations. Perfect for business trips, honeymoons, destination weddings, and any other special occasion.

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Rolling Duffel Bag

Duffel bags, in general, are popular among many different types of individuals because they’re capable of holding a large number of items. They feature a large main compartment that can sometimes fit more than the typical upright suitcase can. Not only that, but duffel bags often come with several storage compartments that you can use for additional organization. Though traditional duffel bags can be tough to carry long distances, like through an airport, rolling duffel bags make the process much smoother. Enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above along with the ease of rolling it along behind you. Olympia offers some outstanding options in this category and we have highlighted our favorite one below.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing


It’s good to find out how much the luggage weighs by itself as you’ll be transporting it throughout the airport, hotel, and other locations that you’re traveling through. The more lightweight your luggage is, the easier it is to transport and the more items you can pack inside before reaching your limit. The TSA and other airport officials weigh your luggage and charge a fee for bags that are over their allowed weight. Olympia does a good job of balancing durability and weight and you won’t find a case on this list that weights more than 10-pounds.

Purpose of Travel

What type of trips do you take? Keeping this in mind can help to determine the style and features of your luggage. For instance, if you’re traveling for multiple days or even a few weeks, then you’ll want larger luggage that can fit all of your belongings. If you take frequent short trips for business or other purposes then a lightweight, good quality carry-on may be the best idea. Or if you’re going on an epic adventure or road trip, the rolling duffel bag could be just what you need to hold all of your stuff and keep it safe and dry.


You’ll, of course, need a case that can hold all of the things you wish to take with you. We love carry-on only travel when it’s an option, the convenience of skipping the baggage claim is an amazing feeling when you arrive. But it’s not always an option, so if you like to pack a few extra “just in case” items, or you take longer trips, then a larger case, or maybe even a set is a more realistic choice.


Luggage materials have come a long way since the treasure chests of years ago. Olympia strikes a good balance between durability and light weight options, their soft side cases often double the durability of their competition. Soft-side luggage tends to be slightly heavier than hard-side luggage as it offers more pockets and reinforcements. On top of that the plastics used in hard-side cases today are incredibly light in weight.

Olympia Luggage Reviews

Here are our top 5 pics for Olympia Luggage, we have chosen products from different categories as Olympia makes much more than regular suitcases.

Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

This Olympia rolling duffel bag is offered in many different sizes and different colors too. The design remains the same no matter what size you choose and so does the durability. The super durable 1200D polyester material and the strong internal frame can protect your items stored inside. It holds a lot of items too with a large main compartment and 8 external pockets to keep things separated and organized.

For transporting this bag, you can easily lift it from the main strap handles or from the small handle at the top. Or you can pull it behind you on the “recessed in-line skate metal ball bearing wheel system” that offers optimal rolling performance when pulled along by a hidden retractable handle. 

>>Find the Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag on Amazon<<


  • Offered in many different sizes and color options so you can find one to match your style.
  • 8 storage pockets with a huge main compartment help you carry lots and stay organized.
  • Features handles on the top and side as carrying and lifting options for shorter distances.
  • Made from a super tough 1200 Denier polyester material.
  • Very durable and smooth wheels that can handle many different surfaces.
  • Self-repairing zippers on all pockets to help keep you moving on your trip.


  • Zippers are not compatible with travel locks to further protect your items.

>>Find the Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag on Amazon<<

Olympia Fashion Rolling Shopper Tote 

This Olympia Fashion Rolling Shopper Tote is exactly that, a fashionable tote that rolls! It is available in 20 different patterns and colors and can either be carried over your shoulder or easily wheeled along behind you. It is made from durable polyester and even with its tough material and wheels, it only weighs 4.2 pounds! It offers lots of space inside to carry whatever you need and has two external pockets to keep things separate, and easier to find. 

The wheels are durable and can handle even rougher surfaces so this bag can be used for school, the gym, work, groceries, or travel. It is the perfect carry-on for many airlines and will look great at your destination too!

>>Find the Olympia Fashion Rolling Shopper Tote on Amazon<<


  • Lightweight rolling tote, weighing only 4.2 pounds.
  • Features an easy-access main compartment and two external pockets to help pack lots and stay organized.
  • Can be carried in two ways, over your shoulder or wheeled along behind you via the retractable handle.
  • Very stylish bag available in 20 different colors and designs to match your style.
  • Great for many uses, such as school, the gym, grocery shopping, or work.
  • Meets the carry-on requirements of many airlines, great as it would be an ideal carry-on.


  • Some complaints mention that the handle may not stay extended.

>>Find the Olympia Fashion Rolling Shopper Tote on Amazon<<

Olympia Deluxe Garment Bag

This Deluxe Garment Bag offers everything you could need in a garment bag. It can be carried by hand or over your shoulder, has two external pockets for smaller items, and tons of space to keep your garments while holding them firmly in place. The external pockets are great for carrying additional smaller items and keeping them organized. And inside you can pack two or even three full outfits comfortably, and there are pockets for other items inside too, you can even pack shoes.

Constructed using rugged 1200 denier polyester, which is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and can resist water in certain rainy conditions. This is a smart-looking garment bag that can be attached to the retractable handles of your other luggage. 

>>Find the Olympia Deluxe Garment Bag on Amazon<<


  • Smart-looking garment bag that can hold 2 or 3 full outfits and other accessories.
  • Features dual-buckle tie-down strap system that holds your items in place while you’re on the go.
  • Can be carried by hand or on your shoulder using the shoulder strap.
  • Made scratch-, stain-, and water-resistant by durable polyester material.


  • The back strap may not stay attached to the top of other, smaller luggage very well.

>Find the Olympia Deluxe Garment Bag on Amazon<<

Olympia Apache Carry-on

This Olympia hard-side suitcase, the Apache, has a very cool and exclusive Olympia feature. This is an expandable case and, built into the expansion area, is a hidden pocket! It’s a genius design that you will only find with Olympia Luggage, such as this case. Click the link to see images of exactly what this looks like, it’s a fantastic use of space. On top of that, this case is available in two larger sizes as well (see below for more), and the carry-on, made with lightweight ABS materials, weighs only 6.2 pounds. 

It features a solid aluminum telescoping handle and four spinner wheels that allow the case to move smoothly in all directions. Inside is a full zipped-off pocket in the top section, a detachable wet/toiletries bag, and compression straps to hold your items in place. This is a great looking and functional case in any size you need and the carry-on fits within many airline size limits.

>>Find the Olympia Apache Carry-on on Amazon<<


  • Features a hidden compartment in the expansion – an Olympia Luggage exclusive feature.
  • The solid aluminum telescoping handle and 4 spinner wheels mean smooth moving in all directions.
  • Made with a lightweight ABS plastic, the carry-on weighs only 6.2 pounds.
  • Also available in 25″ and 29″ checked luggage sizes, or a set (see below).
  • Beautiful interior lining with a detachable toiletries / wet bag included.
  • Main compartment zipper can be secured if you have a travel lock.
  • Available in many different color accents.


  • Previous customers complain that sometimes the wheels may lock up

>>Find the Olympia Apache Carry-on on Amazon<<

Olympia Apache 3-piece Set

This hard-side luggage set features the 21″ carry-on case above and it’s two larger sizes, 25″ and 29″ checked cases. Read the review above for the specs for all 3 cases but we want to mention again the cool feature that all of these cases have. There is a hidden pocket built into the zipper expansion area of these cases. You can keep your valuables truly out of sight with this very clever design – only by Olympia Luggage.

We love this green accent color, and there are many other accent colors to choose from for this set. The brightly colored accents help to identify and locate your cases quicker while maintaining a “normal” feel with the otherwise black exterior. The zippers on the main compartments of all 3 size options are designed to be secured if you have a travel lock – or 3. This set will cover you for many different types of travel arrangements now and in the future.

>>Find the Olympia Apache 3-piece Set on Amazon<<


  • Stylish and lightweight luggage set featuring a 21″ carry-on, and 25″ and 29″ checked cases.
  • All 3 cases are lightweight, none weighing more than 10-pounds.
  • Durable ABS material is used for the exterior and a good quality liner is used inside.
  • Features the exclusive Olympia Luggage hidden pocket built into the expansion area.
  • Available in a handful of other accent colors, like blue and purple, all great for identifying your case.
  • Excellent organizational features inside, including double-sided packing capabilities and a detachable toiletries bag.


  • The spinner wheels may not be the most durable, so tread carefully.

>>Find the Olympia Apache 3-piece Set on Amazon<<


Overall, each of these Olympia products is made with quality materials and offers great features that complement their purpose. You can shop confidently with the good quality that Olympia Luggage is known for and we highly recommend any of the products on this list that may serve your personal travel needs. The product that stands out to us though among the rest is #1, the Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag.

This truly is a great duffel bag and perhaps one of the best rolling duffels out there – period. With a super durable external material and all of those pockets, you can carry a ton of stuff and keep it all organized. We also love the wheels that it features, 2-wheel systems are able to perform better on many different surfaces and this inline-skate style can surely take your belongings anywhere you want to go. This review list is unique as it features products for many different uses and the duffel may not be what you’re looking for, so we gladly recommend any of these cases and bags that suit your travel needs.

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