Oakley Kitchen Sink Review

While on the go, it’s usually preferable to have a backpack (yes, the kitchen sink is a backpack — keep reading to find out where it got its name!) with certain features. But who has time to worry about a subpar backpack while going out to take care of business? A backpack, like the Oakley Kitchen Sink, has the essential features, such as being roomy, having pockets for organizing, and being tough enough to stand against the effects of various weather conditions. 

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Backpack

Before we dive into the Kitchen Sink, here’s a quick look at what to look for when purchasing a backpack.

We can’t control the weather, so we may have to go out whether it is sunny, raining, or sleeting or snowing out there. Worrying that our backpack might tear, a zipper might break, or rain may soak through to our belongings, is no way to spend your time.

Whether you are going hiking or to a business meeting, we all want to make sure our items are organized so we can easily access them when needed. Besides, we won’t look too professional rummaging around in our backpack for the report you need. Likewise, it’s important to have the utmost organization and space in a backpack when hiking. Becoming stranded is bad enough, especially up in the woods or mountains, but much worse without certain essentials, like enough food and water, and a built-in charging system for your mobile device.

Fortunately, many of these aspects are now common features in today’s high-quality backpacks. Other features to consider when looking for the right backpack include the weight, comfort, design, and interior layout.  

Presenting the Oakley Kitchen Sink

The Oakley Kitchen Sink is a heavy-duty pack that can work for camping, hiking, and taking into the office. It has tons of pockets of various sizes inside and out as well as straps to attach additional gear to. You can store up to a 17″ laptop among other items, like pens, pencils, calculators, and mobile devices or snacks, a compass, a water reservoir, and your shoes in a separate compartment.

This pack is perfect is you’re traveling, a college student, a business professional, or an outdoor enthusiast. Compared to other backpacks in the market, the heavy-duty quality, attention to detail, comfort, organization, and style of the Kitchen Sink make it stand out.

A quick look at the Kitchen Sink’s pros and cons:


  • It’s tough — designed to withstand everything including the kitchen sink the durable material used can help to protect your items.
  • Comfortable — features adjustable shoulder straps that are mesh-lined and a padded back panel.
  • Functional and Stylish — tons of compartments, side panels, an “abrasion-resistant” bottom panel, and reinforced zip and clip closures, this backpack carries a ton and looks sleek.
  • Priorities – being an Oakley product, there is a built-in sunglasses holder to protect your specs.


  • The inside zipper can rub against and wear down the laptop casing but placing something between them can help.
  • Some pockets are not easily accessible to take items out of quickly, keep this in mind when packing essentials.
  • Might be too “rugged” to be used for all occasions.

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Features & Benefits

Capacity and Pockets

As mentioned, it has lots of room inside – you can carry a laptop up to 17″. The pouch is adequately padded and there is an elastic pull tag on a slot allowing you to adjust the size. Additionally, you can ensure your laptop and mobile device is protected due to its shock absorber pouch and can easily access your tablet or laptop in the main compartment. There are also more pockets to store your snacks, water bottles, and more. You can even pack delicate items, like sunglasses, in a molded flip pocket. And when you are walking, you can thread in your earphone cables through to listen to your favorite music or podcast. 


This backpack is made with top-notch comfort foam to not only protect your items but also to give you that added protection against the strain that can occur on the shoulders, back, and side. The Kitchen sink also features a sternum strap and hip belt to help redistribute the weight of the pack to your hips and legs and alleviate your back and shoulders.


With a designated and protected area for your laptop, shoes, sunglasses, and other items and designed quick access to the side panels, and front storage clips this pack functions smartly. There are lots of different options for ways to carry and store your things so you can make it work best for your preferences.

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Design and Material

This backpack is water-resistant, made of 31% polyester and 69% nylon to guard against heavy rain or spills. Other design features for this pack include the mesh optics pocket, a brushed top pocket for protective storage for media, a front organizer panel, adjustable shoulder straps for comfort, a bottom shoe compartment, and a compression-molded back panel.


Some competitors of the Oakley Kitchen Sink that are worth considering.

Osprey Porter 30

With this backpack by Osprey Porter Backpack, you will get a great pack that is similar in capacity and style as the Kitchen Sink. The Porter features a hip belt and an adjustable sternum strap to help carry heavier weight and a whistle buckle. The rear panel has a lockable zip sleeve to protect your tablet or laptop. You will also have quick access to your electronic device while traveling and while passing airport security. Other features that are worthwhile include the following: A front panel pocket for organization and easy access to small items, a durable material that protects against travel wear and tear, and a padded hip belt that is made with webbing and foam padding to store items. This pack also has built-in loops that a shoulder strap (not included) can be attached to, the shoulder straps can also be stowed away to make it carry more like a duffel or shoulder bag. 

The last word, this backpack is covered by Osprey’s “All Mighty Guarantee”. We won’t get too into it here but we are big fans of Osprey for this. They will repair or replace your product for any damage whether bought “in 1974 or yesterday.” You’d never need to buy a new pack.

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Diamond Candy Backpack

This backpack from Diamond Candy, it as loaded with pockets and compartments as the Kitchen Sink and has more capacity and weighs less. This pack is also great as it includes a built-in rain cover to protect your bag and items no matter the weather – this would be great for cyclists. This option looks more sporty than the Kitchen Sink and may not be as acceptable in professional environments.

Trackers and hikers will love the multi-straps and compartments, these features are equipped with a whistle, a hydration system, and storage straps. They can easily carry all the essentials, such as a notebook, camera, hiking gear, water bottles, keys, and a small sleeping bag. This backpack is also lightweight, durable, and its padding makes it comfortable. 

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OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack

The OutdoorMaster backpack is the last alternative and also includes a waterproof rain cover to help protect your items. It is similar to the Kitchen Sink in its features for outdoor activities like hiking and camping but with its slick look, it could also be great for work. It comes with a lot of room and the most capacity on this list with 50L, with many features and pockets which are both big and small for any important item. It is comfortable to carry and is made of durable and lightweight material. 

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When it comes to high-quality backpacks, there are tons of great features to choose from. This is true whether you are going hiking, traveling, running errands, college, etc. To stand against the harsh weather conditions and to have a product that will last a long time, it will behoove anyone to get the right product for you. The Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack is a great way to go. Of course, no product is perfect, but it certainly meets the bill. Otherwise, there are alternatives with many of the essential features. 

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