Mancro Backpacks Review

If you’re in a hurry and are here to find out what the best of the Mancro Backpacks is then we recommend the Mancro School Anti-theft Laptop Backpack as the best one.

Backpacks are essentially the universal bag that practically everyone has used and is using in their everyday activities. Their universal nature gives us the ability to use them for a wide variety of different purposes, including for school purposes, business, and work purposes, and of course for travel. They have the ability to fit snug on our backs so that we don’t have to worry about carrying them with any of our hands, and they also have the capability of fitting a diverse array of different objects inside of them. 

Given their range of benefits, you should consider purchasing a backpack or two. But finding one that fits your specific needs can be a tedious and frustrating process, so you’re recommended to check out Mancro backpacks. These Mancro Backpacks are able to offer maximized durability as well as an adequate storage room for organizing all of your belongings. Here is a complete guide about buying backpacks in general as well as a review of five Mancro backpacks on the market. 

Here are the Mancro backpacks we will be reviewing:

Mancro Backpacks and Brand Rundown

Mancro is a Chinese manufacturer that mostly makes backpacks, often taking the best features of popular models and combining them into their own products. Located in Guang Dong, China the company also offers products for your little ones and for pets. As many backpacks, and mostly everything, is made in China, Mancro is able to deliver high-quality products as they can fully understand and benefit from the supply chain over there. This results in products with great features that are well made and affordable. And lastly, a note of their naming convention. As you can see in the list above, the model names of Mancro Backpacks tend to be made up of the type of backpack it is or its features. In the review section below we will be taking out the superfluous words so that telling them apart is a simpler process.
(Hint: they are all good for travel and they all offer space for a laptop)

Different Types of General Backpacks

Let’s take a look through backpacks in general.

Standard Backpack

The standard, traditional backpack is probably the most common type, since they offer the most basic, yet useful features that a backpack can offer. For instance, they usually feature one large compartment that you can store your main larger items in. Other than that, they usually have one or more smaller storage compartments and pockets that are located on the front-side of the backpack, and these compartments can be used to store and organize smaller items. 


Rucksacks are classified as bags that have a more open and less secure design, which is why they aren’t traditionally used for work or business purposes. These bags don’t usually have a zipper closure either. Rather, they differ from other bags because they usually have either a buckle or some other form of a latch closure. Because of the insecure opening and the various different pockets that these bags have, rucksacks are able to offer a more loose fit for your belongings. 


These types of backpacks are great if you’re planning on traveling far distances on land or simply want a more lightweight bag in general. They’re produced with a lightweight material, and they’re able to keep all of your belongings compact and in their place but without any of the bulk you might find with standard or larger backpacks. Day packs are great for a day out exploring a new city, going on a long walk, or a short hike, but are likely too small to use as a carry-on for a long flight.

Drawstring Backpacks

Bags with a drawstring enclosure are great if you are looking for a bag that is more simple and even more lightweight and won’t get in the way when you’re on the go. They’re the lightest weight option of backpacks on the market, and they usually only have one large opening and storage compartment for your things. Given that, they’re not recommended if you have a larger amount of items to transport with you, but are very convenient if you have less to carry or are only going out for a short time. 

Laptop Backpacks

If you’re a student or you carry around a laptop for work, or any other reason, then there are laptop backpacks on the market that are specifically designed in order to fit your laptop safely and securely inside of the bag. Most of these backpacks offer a compartment or laptop sleeve that’s able to fit a 15-inch laptop within it, so it’s good to be mindful of what size laptop you have so that you can be sure your laptop will fit safely and securely within the bag. It’s worth noting that many different styles of backpacks can feature a devoted laptop compartment or even a hydration bladder compartment that doubles as a laptop pocket.

Person relaxing with laptop outdoors - mancro backpacks

Tips When Using Backpacks

Be Mindful of Weight and Balance

If you are carrying heavier items, you should consider how to distribute the weight of your belongings in the bag so that the backpack is balanced. If there isn’t an even distribution of weight, then you may risk losing your own balance and it can be difficult to walk with the bag. More important that perhaps tumbling over and hoping nobody saw, is the long-term back issues that can arise from carrying around even moderate weight for extended periods of time. In the long run, it’s a good idea to opt for a pack with a waist strap for better weight distribution.

Consider Every Compartment

Most backpacks are equipped with multiple pockets and storage compartments that are able to store items of varying sizes. Because of that, you should use this to your advantage and place items of similar size in each of the pockets. This will help keep your belongings organized and it prevents you from having to deal with losing any of your items. If organizing isn’t your thing though, a good-sized backpack with one or two main compartments will do just fine.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Mancro Backpack


Perhaps one of the most important things you should consider before you purchase a backpack is the fit of it. The backpack should have the ability to be adjusted in order to fit your body snug. You should be comfortable wearing the bag, and it shouldn’t apply too much pressure in any certain spot of your body. Bags that offer the best adjustable features are those that contain adjustable straps. 


It’s important that you consider how many of your belongings are able to fit inside of your backpack. If you’re only using a backpack for your travels throughout the day, then you may not need a bag that holds too much. On the other hand, if you need a backpack for hiking while camping or using it on longer traveling trips, then you may want a bag that’s able to hold a larger amount of objects and weight. 


Whether you’ll be carrying your backpack for a long period of time or it’s simply going to be used while you engage in everyday activities, you’ll want a backpack that offers comfort where it makes contact with your body. That being said, you’ll want to find a backpack that’s produced with a comfortable material as well as one that contains a large amount of cushion, support, and ventilation. 


Depending on what you plan to carry with you in a backpack, or where you plan on carrying it around, the security and protection that it offers your items is good to consider. Many backpacks offer anti-theft features like lockable pockets, anti-puncture zippers, or a design that doesn’t warrant any unwanted attention. As your backpack is mainly out of your sight, a secure pack can help with peace of mind.

Mancro Backpacks Product Review

Mancro Anti-theft Backpack

This Anti-theft Laptop Backpack is able to fit a variety of different sized laptops up to 15.6″. Not only does this backpack give you the ability to securely store your laptop, but it also contains storage compartments that are specifically made to fit laptop chargers and accessories. 

A great option for student life, this backpack is able to store various other supplies, such as pens and pencils, binders, and even books for school. There are two side pockets that you can use for water bottles or an umbrella and many other pockets designed to conveniently hold a variety of items. 

Furthermore, this backpack offers comfy s-shaped straps for your shoulders that are designed to relieve any additional tension while carrying it. And lastly, this water-resistant back comes with a travel lock that can be attached to the main compartment for security

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  • Versatile, since is big enough to work well for school, hiking, or even business trips.
  • Lots of pockets and compartments great for organizing your things and two side pockets for a water bottle.
  • Water-resistant with comfortable S-shaped padding on the shoulder straps to help make carrying easier.
  • Includes a travel lock that can be used to secure the main laptop compartment.
  • USB port built-in so you can charge on-the-go, battery pack required.
  • Eight great colors to choose from.


  • No waist strap for better weight distribution.

>>Find the Mancro Anti-theft Backpack on Amazon<<

Mancro Anti-theft Water-Resistant Travel Backpack

Similar to the first Mancro bag, this backpack can securely hold up to a 15.6″ laptop inside. This pack also has anti-theft measures, the zipper has a shackle that the handles can be secured to that holds them closed. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about other people gaining access to your belongings as it can work as a deterrent and will add to the time it takes for anyone to gain unwanted access. Also, there is an RFID blocking pocket in front, which can protect your credit cards and passports from criminal RFID scanners.

Moreover, this Mancro backpack is produced with durable material and features a water-resistant polyester fabric that can effectively protect your belongings inside the bag from any damage due to the rain or other liquids. This smart-looking pack can work great for work, school, travel, everyday use, or day hikes.  

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  • Includes two anti-theft measures, a shackle to secure the zippers and an RFID blocking pocket
  • Includes a 15.6″ sized laptop compartment.
  • Its neutral look makes it suitable for people of all ages and genders.
  • Features a built-in USB port to charge on-to-go, battery needed.
  • Durable and water-resistant material all over.
  • Five great colors and designs to choose from.


  • No waist strap to help with weight distribution if bag is heavily packed

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Mancro School Anti-theft Backpack

This durable and lightweight school backpack because is produced with a comfortable material that gives you the ability to wear the bag for long periods of time without experiencing discomfort. Not only that, but the material used for this backpack is water-resistant, high-quality, lightweight, and is a strong canvas material that protects your belongings from the inside out. Furthermore, this bag has breathable shoulder straps that have the ability to be adjusted in order to fit your specific body type. 

The anti-theft features are found in the zipper design which are hidden below a flap and can be locked together using a travel lock. The low-profile design of this backpack can also help it not be targeted by pickpockets.

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  • Lightweight, water-resistant, high-quality, tough, and smart backpack.
  • Zippers are hidden out of sight below a flap and can be locked together for security.
  • Low-profile design of the pack will help to keep it out of sight of potentials thieves.
  • Can hold up to a 15.6″ laptop in a separate compartment.
  • Contains breathable, comfortable, and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Great size and capacity to use as a school bag, not really large enough for an overnight hike.


  • Only two colors to choose from, black or gray
  • No waist strap to better distribute the weight of a heavy pack.

>>Find the Mancro School Anti-theft Backpack on Amazon<<

Mancro Extra Large Backpack

If you’re looking for a Mancro backpack that you can take for an overnight hike, or carry it on a plane, or just carry a ton of stuff, here it is. This extra-large backpack is classified as a TSA-friendly backpack due to its ability to open wide. The total capacity of this beast is 50L! And it has over 20 pockets and compartments. This bag durable and is composed of a water-resistant and durable polyester fabric. Given that, you don’t have to worry about anything inside of the backpack receiving any damage if the bag comes into contact with rain, snow, or weather of any kind. 

This backpack also features a hidden pocket in the lower back area to keep your valuables safe. Also in the back area is a breathable material that will allow ventilation to occur and you to stay cool when carrying. You can also lock the main zippers together to secure the items in that pocket and this pack can easily attach to the top of a suitcase as the perfect carry-on.

>>Find the Mancro Extra Large Backpack on Amazon<<


  • TSA-approved design, allows agents to search through it quickly if need be
  • Over 20 pockets for organization and 50L of capacity for storage.
  • Durable and water-resistant polyester fabric design with breathable padding.
  • Hidden pocket in the lower back section to keep valuables safe.
  • Lockable main compartment to secure items stored in there.
  • Can be attached to the top of a suitcase.
  • Offers a clip and strap to act as a compression unit to keep the pack compact when full.


  • Can get really heavy due to the huge capacity, which may not be comfortable for everyone.
  • Still no waist strap to help distribute the weight of the pack properly.

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Mancro Vintage Backpack

This Mancro Vintage Backpack is a classic looking pack that is with great looking strap closures and is produced with a durable and waterproof fabric that’s able to offer maximized durability and protection for your belongings. This bag is perfect for school-related purposes since it comes with a laptop sleeve as well as certain storage compartments that are specifically designed in order to store various different school supplies. But of course, it can be used for work, day-to-day, or as a daypack when traveling.

This pack can hold more than you may initially think, it’s square design maximizes the space available. There is an up to 15.6″ laptop compartment and tons of other compartments in this well-designed pack. Great for both men and women and only available in the classy grey color that is pictured above.

>>Find the Mancro Vintage Backpack on Amazon<<


  • Stylish, classy, well-thought-out, and water-resistant.
  • Holds up to a 15.6″ laptop and offers tons of space for other daily essentials.
  • Would work out great for school, work, day-to-day, and travel.
  • Larger and offering more capacity than expected, you can carry a lot in this pack.
  • Great for both men and women in any capacity.
  • Thick and well-padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted to suit your needs.


  • Only available in one color and design, though it sure is a stylish one
  • No breathability built-in against your back and no waist strap to help distribute the weight.

>>Find the Mancro Vintage Backpack on Amazon<<


Overall, each of these Mancro backpacks offer you a wide variety of benefits, including the ability to adequately store all of your belongings while also offering anti-theft features. Not only that, but each of these Mancro backpacks offer durable and comfortable properties, so they’re capable of being used for a variety of different purposes. 

Even though each of these products is highly recommended for you, it can be difficult to choose between one of them to purchase for your specific needs. Because of that, to get started with the Mancro brand we recommend the Mancro School Anti-theft Laptop Backpack. This is a great quality and lightweight bag with a variety of convenient features like a built-in USB port, a headphone port, and it’s produced with durable, water-resistant material. It’s low profile will also help to keep it out of sight of potential thieves. 

We have to give an honorable mention to the Mancro Extra Large Backpack too, for its many many features and many many pockets and huge capacity. Our true recommendation is the Mancro School Anti-theft laptop for the daypack when exploring and the Mancro Extra Large pack for your carry-on when getting to your destination.

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