Lucas Luggage Reviews

If you’re in a hurry and are here to find out what the best piece of Lucas Luggage is then we recommend the Lucas ABS Large Hardside Case as the best one – though we advise you take a look through this article.

Finding the right kind of luggage to best suit you while you’re traveling can be a difficult and time-consuming process. There are so many different types of luggage to search through on the market and they all offer varying features while available at different prices. It can even be frustrating, especially if you’re unsure about what exactly you’re looking for. But finding the right kind of luggage that offers you all of the most beneficial features is possible. 

In fact, it can become much easier to find the best luggage on the market after you know exactly what to look for. Not only that but knowing which brands are best can help to guide you through the buying process. Lucas Luggage can offer you all of the different features found in many good cases across the luggage categories. Lucas is billed as the low-cost luggage that is so lightweight that you will easily be able to avoid any overweight fees at the airport. This closer look at the brand and its products can show you what to keep in mind while you’re shopping for Lucas Luggage and we look at five of the best Lucas Luggage products on the market. 

Here are the pieces of Lucas Luggage we will be reviewing:

Types of Lucas Luggage Available

Carry-on bags

Lucas manufacturers are able to offer you various different bags to use while traveling, carry-on bags included, which is beneficial because not all luggage companies offer all different types of luggage. Carry-on bags are just as essential as upright suitcases since they’re responsible for carrying all of the essential items that you need with you while you’re on the plane itself. By having a high-quality carry-on bag, you can adequately fit all of your vital care items and have them with you throughout the plane ride. 

Included in the carry-on category is the underseat case. This is a much smaller style case that wheels around just like other cases but is designed to fit underneath your seat on the plane. Lucas also offers a selection of this style of case in their collection.

Hard Side bags

Luggage with a hard shell is able to offer more durability since they’re usually composed of hard plastics such as polycarbonate, ABS, or a polycarbonate composite that all offer waterproof and scratch-resistant properties. Not only that, but hard side bags are able to offer more protection to your luggage due to their solid bodies and the ability to keep their shape. On the downside, scuffs will show up more than on soft side luggage and hard side cases cannot be manipulated to fit in overhead bins or your closet, like soft side luggage can. 

Soft Side bags

On the other hand, soft side bags are able to offer more storage room, so they’re more recommended if you are known to overpack your bags. They can offer more room than the standard hard side bags because their fabric is more flexible and the soft material is able to offer additional pockets. The downside is indeed the durability, due to the softer surface material they are unable to deliver the same protection to your belongings as a good, strong hard-side case.

But if you are well-packed and use your case wisely, this last factor may not be an issue.

Duffel bags

Duffel bags are typically the most versatile out of all traveling luggage bags, since they have a very basic design that’s able to be used for various different purposes, and Lucas offers a decent selection of them. Some duffel bags though can be awkward to carry if they are too full. Most commonly, duffel bags are used in sports since they have the ability to easily and quickly store a large number of items, though they offer little organization.

Duffel bags are also popular because they offer different options for transportation. Many duffel bags come with a series of straps and handles that can be carried by hand, over the shoulder, or across the body. Other duffel bags also feature wheels that can easily be used to maneuver the bag when it’s too heavy for shoulder-use, which brings us to…

…Rolling Uprights

Lastly, Lucas offers upright rolling luggage that is an extension of the rolling duffel bag mentioned above. Rolling upright bags differ from many duffels as they tend to offer several smaller storage pockets that you can to organize all of your belongings, as well as the large main compartment. You also have the option of choosing between rolling upright luggage that features two or four wheels. 

Two-wheeled luggage, in general, can more easily travel over uneven surfaces, while being pulled along behind you. Four-wheeled bags roll smoothly beside you so long as you are on a flat and even surface, such as the airport terminal.

Lucas Luggage Features to Consider


Making sure that your belongings inside of your bag are safe is one of the most important things to consider, especially when checking your luggage at an airport. Airports have a wide variety of different people in them, resulting in a greater risk that someone may try to gain access to your possessions. 

All of the Lucas Luggage featured below offer zippers that can be secured with your own travel lock to keep your items safe. Keeping your valuables close to you when traveling, like in your carry-on or “underseater”, can help to remove the threat of theft or loss that could occur with checked luggage that is our of your possession during travel.


Considering luggage in transit isn’t exactly treated with the most care, you’ll want to make sure that the bag you’re thinking about purchasing is durable and produced with high-quality materials. For instance, you’ll want a bag made from a fabric or material that can withstand fair wear and tear, and you’ll also want a bag that has durable features that are going to last, such as high-quality wheels, zippers, straps, and handles. 

Lucas Luggage, as with some other luggage manufacturers, uses ABS plastic for their hardside cases – this keeps the overall cost down. Of the three main plastics used in hard side luggage, ABS is the weakest, though it still offers relative durability while keeping prices low.

Individual vs a Set

One often overlooked thing to consider before you purchase any luggage from any brand is how many cases you’ll need. If you’re someone that travels often or you travel with other people, then you may want to consider purchasing a luggage set, these come with multiple cases of different sizes. They’re able to store a larger amount of items, and it can be cheaper to order your bags as a set than individually if you’re buying more than one. 

On the other hand, if you’re known to pack light, don’t travel very often, or tend to travel alone then you may not need a whole set. Rather, having just one suitcase and one carry-on to hold your clothes and other accessories may be sufficient enough for your specific needs. Regardless, it’s always important to think about what you need before you browse the market for any luggage products

Family checking in at airport

Lucas Luggage Product Reviews

Lucas Luggage gets pretty great reviews across the board, the price point catches the eye and the promise of lightweight quality tends to peak one’s interest. It seems that with Lucas Luggage you are getting what you pay for, good value for a good suitcase. Lucas Luggage may not be with you for the rest of your traveling days, but it may be just what you need right now and as advertised, won’t take up more weight than necessary. That said, here are the 5 best Lucas Luggage products on the market.

Lucas ABS Large Hardside Case

This Lucas ABC Large hardside case features a durable shell case that’s produced with the before mentioned ABS material. This material is not only able to provide your bag with the ability to withstand a large amount of wear and tear, but it also had scratch-resistant qualities. 

Furthermore, this suitcase comes with four spinner wheels that give you the ability to easily maneuver the bag, since the wheels can rotate a full 360-degrees. This case also contains a fully-lined interior that includes pockets that help you organize all of your belongings, with standard compression straps, and a full-size U-shaped pocket in the top for double-sided packing.

>>Find the Lucas ABS Large Hardside Case on Amazon<<


  • Exterior is made from a durable ABS material that’s lightweight
  • Total weight of the case is just 9.6 pounds
  • Includes four spinner wheels and sturdy telescoping handle
  • Available in 4 different colors to match your taste
  • Great value for the capacity that it offers and is fully expandable


  • Very basic storage and organization inside
  • Wheels may not be the most durable, it may be best to stay off of cobblestones etc.

>>Find the Lucas ABS Large Hardside Case on Amazon<<

Lucas Printed Softside Large Lightweight Expandable

The Lucas Printed Softside case is lightweight at just 10.1 pounds (though slightly heavier than the option above) and is a soft case with a fun design and additional pockets on the outside. It features spinner wheels that are able to easily rotate 360-degrees and this bag features wide wheel positioning, which can provide better balance and lessen the risk of the bag falling over if overstuffed. 

There’s a nice big section for packing inside with a zipper pocket in the top to keep items separate and two external pockets, one smaller at the top to keep quick-access items in while traveling, like your passport, boarding pass, or a book. And lastly, the zipper for the main compartment is compatible with a travel lock to keep your items secure.

>>Find the Lucas Printed Softside Large Lightweight Expandable on Amazon<<


  • A lightweight case with a fun design at just 10.1 pounds
  • Fully expandable for extra packing capacity
  • Contains an ergonomic handle for more comfort
  • Features four spinner wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Lockable main zipper to keep your belongings safe
  • Another great value case for its class and capacity


  • Only available in one color: Diva (pictured)
  • Very basic internal organization
  • Wheels may not be the most durable and staying off of rough surfaces may be a good idea

>>Find the Lucas Printed Softside Large Lightweight Expandable on Amazon<<

Lucas Ultra Lightweight Softside Expandable Carry-on  

This Ultra Lightweight Lucas Carry-on is available in a variety of different and unique colors to choose from and match your travel style. This case presents a lightweight construction that’s able to eliminate the risk of your bag exceeding the maximum weight limit for plane travel – at just 5.8 pounds!

Furthermore, this Lucas bag contains a fully-lined interior for extra durability, and it also contains several convenient pockets that you can use to keep all of your belongings in the right place for optimal organization. And lastly, this expandable carry-on sits on four spinner wheels and is controlled by a sturdy telescoping handle.

>>Find the Lucas Ultra Light Softside Expandable Carry-on on Amazon<<


  • Great organizational options for packing inside and in the outer pockets
  • Super lightweight so that you can pack more, at just 5.8 pounds
  • Includes an ergonomic handle and four spinner wheels
  • Has matching style and designed cases in larger sizes if you’d like to match a few
  • Four color options, you can choose to blend in or really stand out (Royal Blue!)


  • The material used for the exterior may not be the most durable, so keep this case in your sight when traveling
  • The wheels may not be very durable and it may be a good idea to go easy on rough, uneven surfaces

>>Find the Lucas Ultra Light Softside Expandable Carry-on on Amazon<<

Lucas Wheeled Underseat Cabin Bag

Utilizing this Lucas Underseat Cabin bag while you’re traveling by plane is great because it’s designed to conveniently slide right underneath the seat in front of you. Given the smaller size of the bag, it’s surprising how much you can fit in it due to its spacious design. 

This Lucas cabin bag features two wheels that make the bag easy to transport long distances even with a heavier weight. As a bonus, it also contains a separate hanging cosmetic satchel and travel slippers. These are great if you have a stopover and don’t want to unpack your bigger luggage, or if you arrive at your destination late and just want to get comfortable without rummaging through your things.

>>Find the Lucas Wheeled Underseat Cabin Bag on Amazon<<


  • Very lightweight and well designed to maximize space – just 4.4 pounds
  • Contains 2 wheels for classic pull-behind transporting and helps when traveling with heavier weights
  • Versatile, great for plane travel, but due to its compact size, it’s good for any time you need to transport items around
  • Includes a bonus hanging satchel, great for toiletries, traveling slippers, and a removable ticket holder
  • Zippers could accommodate smaller travel locks to keep your items secured


  • Isn’t able to store a large number of items and is best used along with another case

>>Find the Lucas Wheeled Underseat Cabin Bag on Amazon<<

Lucas Luggage 3-Piece Rolling Suitcase Set

This Lucas Luggage set comes with three pieces that you can use for various purposes since each of the bags is available in different sizes, a 20″ carry-on, a 27″ mid-size, and a huge 31″ full-size. Not only that, but this set is available in various different colors so that you can match your personal style while matching all of your luggage too. The exteriors are one of the Lucas Luggage collection’s most stylish and are made from ABS plastic which is so lightweight that all three cases combined weigh less than 30 pounds.

The matching cases in this set are lightweight, have spinner wheels, and ergonomic handles for easy portability. All three cases are expandable and each could make a great travel companion for you for any length of trip you are taking. 

>>Find the Lucas 3-Piece Rolling Suitcase Set on Amazon<<


  • A very stylish set in the Lucas Luggage collection with other color options available
  • Expandable interior space with a fun pattern and good organization options for packing
  • Comfortable gripping telescoping handle and four spinner wheels
  • Super lightweight 3-piece set, 20″ – 7.5lbs., 27″ – 10lbs., 31″ – 13lbs. Total – 29.5lbs.
  • A case for any occasion and any type or duration of trip 


  • Zippers may not be very durable, you may need to take it easy with them

>>Find the Lucas 3-Piece Rolling Suitcase Set on Amazon<<


Overall, each of these Lucas Luggage products can provide a variety of different features that you can utilize when traveling on any trip. Regardless, whether you’re traveling for business, with your family, or to a tropical island with your partner, Lucas products can help to make sure that you have affordable and lightweight luggage to take with you. 

Though each of these products offers beneficial features, it may be difficult to choose between which product is the best. So, to start with we recommend the Lucas ABS Large Hard Case Suitcase. This case is, like all Lucas cases, affordable, but it also features a durable and scratch-resistant ABS material that makes it very lightweight for its class and it is a great looking case.

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