Best Waterproof Duffel Bag

If you’re in a hurry and are here to find out what the best waterproof duffel bag is then we recommend the Eagle Creek Rolling Duffel Bag as the best one.

Whether you’re an adventurer that travels deep into the rainforest or an athlete that needs to protect your belongings when getting stuck in the rain during practice, having a waterproof duffel bag can be the ultimate bag for you. Duffel bags are bags typically produced from durable material that’s able to withstand heavy weight as well as wear and tear over long periods of time. But having a waterproof duffel bag can provide even more protection for your belongings. 

Choosing the best waterproof duffel bag could become a lengthy and time-consuming process, so this guide is here to help you in your search for the best waterproof duffel bag for your specific needs. Here is some further information that can assist you in the buying process, and below we look at five of the best waterproof duffel bags on the market. 

Here are the best waterproof duffel bags we will be reviewing:

Different Types of Duffel Bags

First, we’ll take you through the basics of duffel bags and different kinds that are on the market.

Squared Duffel Bags

Squared duffels are typically in either a square or box shape and they, as most of them, have a zipper closure. Some of them offer side compartments for extra storage, and others only offer the one large compartment that takes up most of the bag. They’re typically produced with woven polyester material, and some of them even have plastic-covered wiring around the seams to offer more structure. 

These bags are beneficial for storing things that are in more of a box shape, like books, files, or even papers and binders. Because of their square shape, these bags are able to offer more organization. Given that, squared duffel bags are great for those who have to carry books, papers around, or video game consoles around. 

Barrel Duffel Bags

Barrel duffel bags are the most common type of duffel bag and likely what you picture when you think “duffel bag”. They are popular because of their structure and the space, stability, and strength that they offer. Barrel duffel bags are often a tube-shaped design with straps attached for carrying by hand or over your shoulder. They can work in one of two ways, one being with drawstring closure at the end and the other being a zipper closure, usually, along the side.

The bags with a drawstring closure are often heftier and carry more weight, while the zipper bags are usually made from lighter materials. Both types are often produced with woven polyester or canvas-type of material and are able to carry more weight without ripping. Most barrel duffel bags don’t offer a large number of additional compartments for storing things, so you may lose things when you place them in the large compartment. 

Wheeled Duffel Bags

Lastly, wheeled duffel bags offer the most stability, since they likely feature an inner frame that offers more structure to the bag. Many are produced with extra durable materials as these are intended mostly for travel. Additionally, wheeled duffel bags can provide more storage space as they’re often longer than a traditional barrel duffel bag length and have a wider opening available, convenient for packing.

These duffel bags often have multiple compartments located on both the outside as well as inside of the bag. The biggest upside of a wheeled duffel is of course that they are easier to carry and travel with as they can be carried or pulled along behind you, unlike other duffel bags.

Advantages of a Waterproof Duffel Bag

Easy to Pack and Unpack

Duffel bags tend to be easier to pack and unpack than other types of storage bags, like suitcases and backpacks. They have a more breathable fabric, so the bag’s outer casing can be moved and stretched to suit what’s inside. This can help you store more things in them without having to worry about the bag being uncomfortable to carry. And when unpacking, you can be sure that everything your taking out is safe and dry.


Since waterproof duffel bags offer you a large amount of storage space, they’re able to be used for a wide range of activities and purposes. Waterproof duffel bags are perfect for camping, sports, motorcycle storage, or simply to carry your dirty laundry to the washing machine. 


Waterproof duffel bags are easier to carry than other types of bags as most offer multiple straps help to distribute the bag’s weight evenly. Many also tend to offer more comfort than other types of bags since the straps and handles often come with cushioned protection around them to make the carrying process easier for you.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing


Since duffel bags come in a variety of different sizes and offer a range of different amounts of storage, consider how much storage you’ll need in your duffel bag. You don’t want a bag that’s too large as it will take up more space than it needs to and be bulky to carry. But you also don’t want a duffel bag that’s too small and won’t be able to carry all of your things.

Waterproof or Water-Resistant

It’s important that you find a duffel bag that’s able to offer waterproof capabilities as some bags only offer water-resistance. By only having the ability to resist water, these duffel bags aren’t able to fully protect all of your belongings inside of the bag. This then increases the risk of your belongings getting wet if the bag comes into contact with water for too long. 

An easy way to tell if a bag is only water-resistant is simply if it looks, well, normal. Waterproof bags require additional waterproof features on the zippers and handles and are often made from a much thicker looking material. A waterproof bag will often have only one or two openings as these are where a bag is most vulnerable to taking in water.

Men playing football in the rain

What You’re Using it For

You should consider what you’re planning on using your duffel bag for as this will ultimately help you determine how large, and what type of duffel bag you’ll benefit most from. If you’re carrying heavy equipment, you’ll want to find a duffel bag that’s able to accommodate all of the extra weight that you plan on carrying. If you’re planning on doing what the person in the photo at the top of this article is doing, then you’ll definitely want to ensure your bag is 100% waterproof.

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Storage Compartments

It’s important to consider how much storage your duffel bag is able to offer. Duffel bags that feature side pockets and storage compartments can help you conveniently store smaller objects that you would most likely lose if you placed them in the large compartment with everything else. But if you are only carrying larger items in it, then the capacity of the main compartment is all that matters and this varies a lot from bag to bag.

Handles and Straps

You may also find it helpful to consider what each duffel bag comes with regarding how you are meant to carry it. Many duffel bags come with one or two straps that can easily be placed over your shoulder, while other duffel bags only come with handles that you’re required to carry in your hands. Some even offer dual straps that give you the ability to carry the duffel bag like a backpack and have it on your back while keeping your hands free. And of course, there’s always the option of the rolling duffel bag to take the weight off completely.

The Top 5 Waterproof Duffel Bags

Without further ado, let’s take a splash and dive into our top five waterproof duffel bags

Smog Å Kust DuffelSåk – The Waterfall Weekender

This duffel bag is the real deal when it comes to keeping your stuff dry. It is made from some of the toughest material and with frequency welded seams so that nothing can get in. It’s even bold enough to offer external pockets designed to keep your smartphone or other quick-access items.

This is a great looking bag that comes in five other colors, with fun options like “Digi Camo” and a hi-visibility yellow. This duffel also comes in two different sizes 40L or 60L, both will be able to hold a ton of stuff but keep in mind how big of a bag you’ll be comfortable carrying. The handles and straps offer additional comforts with their cushioning and allow for carrying over the shoulder or by hand. External clips also allow you to attach this bag to other luggage, or anything you like, and even more straps can be used to compress the bag and keep everything tight.

>>Find the Smog Å Kust DuffelSåk on Amazon<<


  • About as waterproof as you can get with tough materials and serious construction to keep water out.
  • Offered in two different size options, 40L and 60L both sizes are able to hold a ton of stuff.
  • Additional pockets are boldly included, as pockets make a bag more vulnerable to water.
  • Available in six total colors with fun and more traditional options to choose from.
  • Additional comfort and cushioning in the carry handles and shoulder strap.
  • External straps allow you to hook the bag onto anything, compress the bag, and carry it however you want.
  • A 90-Day, any-reason, money-back guarantee is included with this bag.
  • And what a cool name — The Smog Å Kust DuffelSåk.


  • It may look a bit alien to some people and the intense waterproof functionality may not be necessary.

>>Find the Smog Å Kust DuffelSåk on Amazon<<

Eagle Creek Rolling Duffel Bag – The Globe Wanderer

This is the only rolling duffel bag on this list, and that is simply because this is the best wheeled duffel bag. We are big fans of Eagle Creek as they offer amazing products and back them up with their “No Matter What” guarantee where they’ll fix or replace anything. This is a monster duffel bag that comes in two sizes, 105L and 128L. It must be said though that the “Bi-Tech fabric” used is not 100% waterproof but weatherproof and they promise, ” [if you’re] caught in a monsoon…rest assured your belongings will remain protected and secure”.

This is a true adventurer bag with heavy-duty materials, two ways to carry and one to roll, and two of the toughest wheels you’ll see on any luggage so that you can take it anywhere. This bag also offers lots of pockets and compartments so that you can stay organized and have quick access to your important items. And lastly, when you’re not using it, this bag can be completely flattened and stored away easily.

>>Find the Eagle Creek Rolling Duffel Bag on Amazon<<


  • Produced with a Bi-Tech fabric that is super durable and weather and splash-proof.
  • Offered in two different sizes, both massive, 105L and 128L and both come in a handful of colors.
  • Lots of different pockets and compartments to help you stay organized and not lose smaller items.
  • Can be carried by hand or over your shoulder or of course can be rolled behind you.
  • Totally collapsible and easy to store away when it’s not being used.
  • Two of the toughest wheels you will find on any luggage, take this bag anywhere with confidence.
  • Covered by Eagle Creek’s “No Matter What” guarantee, one of the best in the biz.


  • Not technically “waterproof” but they claim if you’re caught in a monsoon, you and your things will be “secure and protected”.

>>Find the Eagle Creek Rolling Duffel Bag on Amazon<<

Newhey Oversized Waterproof Duffel Bag – The Classic Professional

This Newhey duffel bag is a more traditional and vintage looking duffel, you may not suspect it to be waterproof but due to its horse leather and canvas materials, it is! You can look professional and still be waterproof! This is a beautiful bag and can be used for any occasion, though it is big enough to carry all you’ll need for a weekend or business trip away, it may be a little too big for your cycle commute. 

This bag offers one large main compartments and other pockets to keep smaller items like your cell phone and passport separate and easy to get to. The main shoulder strap is adjustable and the leather carry handles are smooth to touch. There are buckles on the outside that appear to only be part of the look and not have any functionality, but it works for us. Offered in three different colors, this is a smart bag.

>>Find the Newhey Oversized Waterpoof Duffel on Amazon<<


  • Classic vintage design and look, made with genuine leather and canvas materials.
  • Genuine leather and canvas are extra durable and waterproof to keep your items inside dry. 
  • One large compartment and a handful of smaller pockets for your phone, passport, or other quick-access items.
  • Very large capacity, great for a weekend or business trip.


  • Carry handles don’t offer any additional comfort and may be hard to carry.
  • Materials are waterproof but the zippers are not, this may leave your items inside vulnerable if it gets soaked.

>>Find the Newhey Oversized Waterpoof Duffel on Amazon<<

Canway Waterproof Duffel Bag – The Modern Professional

This unassuming looking duffel bag is indeed made from waterproof material and comes in three size options, 65L, 85L, and, 115L — that’s a lot of stuff that you’ll be keeping dry. This bag includes lots of different sized pockets to help keep you organized and a separated and ventilated pocket designed for shoes or dirty laundry. This bag can be carried either over the shoulder or by hand, both options have additional comfort padding. It is also designed to attach directly to the telescoping handle of a suitcase for easier carrying. 

Offered in six different, interestingly-named, colors (our favorite is “panther black”) this duffel can also fold down to the size of a small school binder and can be stored very easily. This is truly a great bag for any occasion, take it to school, work, the gym, camping, for a weekend away, or a trip around the world.

>>Find the Canway Waterproof Duffel on Amazon<<


  • Unassuming duffel bag made from waterproof and tear-proof material.
  • Features many pockets of different sizes to help keep you organized.
  • Also features a ventilated pocket to keep shoes or dirty laundry separate for everything else.
  • Comfort padding is found on the shoulder strap and handle, this bag can be carried in three ways.
  • A section on the back of this bag lets you attach it to the telescoping handle of other luggage for easy travel.
  • Folds down into something the size of a small school binder for easy storage when not in use.


  • Not as durable as other bags on this list.
  • Does not have waterproof closures so it is not 100% waterproof.

>>Find the Canway Waterproof Duffel on Amazon<<

Aqua Quest White Water Duffel Bag – The Rugged Outdoorsman

Aqua Quest strikes a fine balance between normal-looking and 100% waterproof with this duffel bag. This bag is produced with a RipStop fabric that has a TPU lamination as well as a DWR coating – translation – it’s able to prevent any liquids from coming into contact with the contents inside the bag. Available in three size options, 50L, 75L, and 100L and a size guide can explain how much you can pack in each if you follow the link.  

This duffel is designed for adventure and comes in not one, but two different camo designs, and features loops on the bottom so that it can be secured to a roof rack or motorbike. It has an extra-large main opening so that you can easily pack, unpack, and find what you need and it also features other smaller pockets to keep valuables or your phone separate and safe. Aqua Quest is a Pacific Northwest company and truly loves what they do and it shows in the high-quality products that they make such as this one.

>>Find the Aqua Quest White Water Duffel on Amazon<<


  • A 100% waterproof (other than complete submersion) duffel that looks “normal”, just like any other duffel.
  • Super durable materials used for every aspect of this bag and clips for closure and compression.
  • Available in three sizes, 50L, 75L, and 100L so you can find the size that suits your needs.
  • Massive opening for the main compartment to make it easy to pack and to find things quickly.
  • Features webbing loops on the bottom so that it can be secured to a roof rack or motorcycle.
  • Comfortable padding on shoulder straps and carry handles to help make carrying easier.
  • Available in various different colors, including two different camo designs.
  • Made by a US company that truly loves what they do and know their products inside and out.


  • Not used to its full potential if it’s not barreling through a forest on the roof of a jeep.

>>Find the Aqua Quest White Water Duffel on Amazon<<


Overall, each of these waterproof duffel bags includes protection to your belongings from not only dirt and debris but also rain and other liquids. Most of the bags offer a range of different sizes so that you can find the best size to suit your needs and they all look great in their own styles.

The waterproof duffel bag that truly stands out for us is #2: Eagle Creek Rolling Duffel Bag. This is the only wheeled and waterproof bag on this list and is made with high-quality fabric and features two of the best wheels you’ll find on any luggage. This bag is truly ready for anything and offers well-thought-out features all over. We really love Eagle Creek because they back their products with a truly outstanding “No Matter What” guarantee where they will repair or replace any product no matter what happens to it – they are one of a very small group of luggage companies that offer this type of guarantee.

An honorable mention has to go to the Smog Å Kust DuffelSåk as this bag harnesses the essence of adventure as the Eagle Creek Rolling Duffel does, only on a smaller scale, but with even more waterproof protection for your items. This would make a great gift for a young, or young-at-heart, adventurer.

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