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If you’re in a hurry and are here to find out what the best luggage scale is then we recommend the Travel Inspira Digital Luggage Scale as the best one.

For those of you known to spend a large amount of your time traveling, whether for business, work, or leisure, you’re likely aware of the technicalities and annoyances of weighing your luggage, or the ramifications of guessing wrong. When you’re packing, it’s important to keep in mind how much your bag weighs, including your carry-on bag. Since you’re only allowed to carry a certain amount of weight onto the plane with your carry-on bag as well as the weight of your checked luggage. Sometimes it can all mean that you have to leave some important things at home or, regrettably, in the airport trash can. 

If you really can’t go on your trip without certain items, you do have the option of paying additional expenses for the extra weight. But these fees can add up quickly, making your trip extremely costly. Since the weight of your luggage is so important when it comes to traveling, you may want to consider purchasing a luggage scale. Luggage scales are classified as small, portable, and compact scales that have the ability to weigh your luggage quickly and easily. 

Here are the luggage scales we will be reviewing:

These devices allow you to weigh your luggage anywhere, and they help to ensure that you don’t go over your weight limits. Given that, you should consider purchasing a luggage scale, but finding the best luggage scale can be difficult. Here is some helpful information that you can consider during your buying process as well as five of the best luggage scales on the market. 

Different Types of Luggage Scales

Most of the luggage scales that you’ll find on the market will either be classified as manual scales, digital scales, or floor model scales. Each of these scales offers varying benefits that are specific to that type, but you’re most recommended to consider the digital, portable, and compact luggage scales. 

If interested, manual scales have the ability to weigh your luggage using a gauge that shows the different weights. They function by moving the dial on the gauge to the weight of the bags when you place your luggage on the hook that’s located at the bottom of the scale. 

More importantly, digital scales have a similar design in that they require you to place your luggage onto the hook of the bottom of the device. They differ in the fact that they represent electronics models that run on batteries. Digital scales are the easiest to read, and they offer the most accurate weight measurements. 

Lastly, floor model scales aren’t recommended if you’re planning on using the scale while traveling, which is a good idea. These scales are heavier in weight and aren’t exactly portable, so they’re inconvenient to travel with

Advantages of Having a Luggage Scale

Saves you money

Firstly, luggage scales can help to save you money, since they help you avoid having to pay any extra expenses and fees due to having luggage that exceeds the maximum weight allowed per bag. Fees for overweight bags can be extremely costly, since some bags can even cost an additional $50 if the weight limit is exceeded. That’s why it’s important to keep your luggage within the limits of recommended weight, and you can easily do so while utilizing a luggage scale to periodically measure your belongings. 


Having the ability to weigh your luggage practically anywhere you are is a great convenience for you when you are traveling. They can usually latch onto practically any stable bar, and then all you have to do is latch the scale onto your luggage handle and the device will display the bag’s weight on its screen. Or you can, of course, lift the scale with your own hands, provided it’s not too heavy!

Saves time

Not only do luggage scales save you money, but they’re also able to save you time. They eliminate the need for you to keep re-organizing and keep removing the items that you’ve already packed while you’re at the airport. Since you have the ability to weigh your luggage ahead of time, you don’t have to worry about taking things out of your bag in order to meet the weight limits while checking in.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

Weight capacity

It’s important that you first consider how much weight each particular luggage scale is able to weigh, since you’ll want to find one that’s able to support the maximum amount of weight. You should also consider the weight capacities of the flights that you usually go on, since you won’t necessarily have to purchase a luggage scale that measures beyond that weight. 

Woman sitting on overstuffed suitcase


You should consider how easy the device allows you to view the weight of your luggage. For instance, some scale devices have a digital screen that displays the weight well-lit and clearly, whereas other devices simply have a dull reading meter that can sometimes be difficult to read accurately. Because of that, you should consider how easy it is to read the weight on the device. 


Perhaps most importantly, you’ll want a scale that’s able to display accurate readings of the overall weight of your luggage. Having a scale that lists an inaccurate weight would render the product useless, and it may even end up costing you more money if it displays a weight that is less than the actual weight of your luggage, only to find out the heavy truth at the airport. In order to avoid these negative circumstances, you should make sure that the scale is able to offer the most accurate readings possible. The products listed below all have good accuracy.


It’s important that you also consider how much the luggage scale weighs itself as well as the ease of transportation of the device. More specifically, you don’t want to have to carry around a luggage scale that’s heavy, since this will ultimately add more unneeded weight to your luggage when you pack the device away during travel. Not only that, but you’ll want a luggage scale that you’re able to easily place either in your pocket, purse, or in your carry-on bag. 

This will add ultimate convenience since you can simply take the portable scale out of your pocket and then use it to measure the weight of your luggage as you’re traveling. Because of that, you’ll want to find a luggage scale that’s lightweight, compact, and easily portable

The Top 5 Best Luggage Scales


Letsfit Digital Luggage Scale

This Letsfit luggage scale is a slick little device that allows you to easily see the weight of your luggage, the numerical weight is displayed on the backlit LCD display screen. This device has a data-locking tool that’s capable of saving the weights that you measure and can convert from pounds to kilograms if need be. It even has a “target weight” setting and will alert you if your luggage is over that weight.

Furthermore, this luggage scale’s small and portable design allows this device to easily be carried in your purse, pocket, or inside of your carry-on bag. Not only that, but it has a durable construction that features a contoured shape that gives you a good grip on the device. The flexible metal connection is stable and can withstand several years of wear and tear. And lastly, the nylon strap will not buckle when holding the weight of a heavy bag like some hook-style scales may do.

>>Find the Letsfit Digital Luggage Scale on Amazon<<


  • Displays weight in clear and backlit LCD screen
  • Maximum capacity: up to 110 pounds
  • It itself weighs 2.4oz (the lightest on this list)
  • Easy to use, and converts from lbs. to kg. if necessary
  • Allows a “target weight” to be set and notifies you if it’s exceeded
  • Sleek and durable design will travel well with you and for a long time
  • The nylon strap will not buckle when weighing heavy items


  • Possibly more features than you realistically need
  • Operation buttons may seem small and difficult to use

>>Find the Letsfit Digital Luggage Scale on Amazon<<

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale

This Eastsmart luggage scale features a handle designed to be easily lifted with two hands. The handle includes a SmartGrip design that gives you the ability to easily use this device to weigh your luggage without you having to worry about your hand losing grip. This scale also uses a strap that can hold onto weights much better than some hook-style scales may. 

In addition to that, this scale offers instant and accurate readings of the weight in your luggage. The weights are also easy to read since they’re displayed on a large backlit LCD display screen. The scale contains an Auto Calibration feature that helps to ensure consistent and accurate readings and an auto shut-off function to preserve the battery life. This scale also switches from pounds to kilograms for your convenience.

>>Find the Eatsmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale on Amazon<<


  • Displays weight in clear and backlit LCD screen
  • Maximum capacity: up to 110 pounds
  • It itself weighs 5.5oz
  • Non-slip “SmartGrip” handle for easy two-handed weighing
  • Includes an auto-off feature to save battery life
  • Easily switches from displaying lbs. to kg.


  • Doesn’t save and log any data or weight targets
  • Slightly bigger than other scales
  • Cannot be easily affixed to a surface for weighing

>>Find the Eatsmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale on Amazon<<

Travel Inspira Digital Luggage Scale

This Travel Inspira luggage scale is suggested for you because it’s equipped with a data lock function that eliminates the need for you to quickly read the weight before it goes away on the screen. Additionally, this product comes with an auto-off feature that’s able to save the battery on the device, creating a longer lifetime. 

Moreover, this scale comes with an overweight warning feature that’s capable of letting you know when your luggage weighs too much to travel with. And for some reason, though I suppose it can’t hurt, it tells you the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. This product can comfortably fit into your pocket or purse, and it comes with a protective case to prevent any damage. 

>>Find the Travel Inspira Digital Luggage Scale on Amazon<<


  • Super crisp LCB backlit display
  • Maximum capacity: up to 110 pounds
  • It itself weighs 3.2oz
  • Rubber infused handle can make lifting and weighing more comfortable
  • Can “hold” your weight on the screen for reference
  • Auto-off feature can help to preserve the battery life
  • Includes a carry case to protect the scale in transit
  • Also displays the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celcius


  • Possibly more features than you realistically need
  • Carry-case could be seen as taking up more valuable packing space

>>Find the Travel Inspira Digital Luggage Scale on Amazon<<

Samsonite Black Manual Scale

The Samsonite Black Manual Scale is for those who like the retro look and feel and comes in a super compact and portable design that won’t take up much space in your bag, pocket, or purse. This device has a comfortable grip that you can utilize to prevent your hand from slipping while using the product, or you can hang it onto something sturdy to do the lifting for you,

Furthermore, this device has a built-in tape measure because bags and cases also have size limitations to adhere to. The scale however only weighs up to 80 pounds or 35 kilograms which is less than the weight limit for most major airlines. 

>>Find the Samsonite Black Manual Scale on Amazon<<


  • Retro look and weighing system with manual dial and metal hook
  • Maximum capacity: up to 80 pounds 
  • It itself weighs 7.2oz
  • Very small design will take up the least space in your luggage
  • Comfortable grip handle that can be secured to something sturdy for weighing
  • Includes a tape measure to truly ensure your case will be allowed on


  • Only registers up to 80 pounds, which is less than other devices
  • Hook-style scales can buckle or slip when holding heavy weight

>>Find the Samsonite Black Manual Scale on Amazon<<

Delsey Paris Luggage Hyperglide Expandable Spinner

Even though this product clearly isn’t classified as a luggage scale, it’s a beautiful suitcase that’s equipped with a built-in overweight indicator. By having an overweight indicator already built into your bag, you don’t have to worry about carrying around a luggage scale and weighing any of your bags manually, since it does the work for you (though you still have to lift it!)

This suitcase is also one of our favorite softside cases, it has a durable polyester material that’s able to withstand a large amount of wear and tear. It also has dual-density spinner wheels that are able to function quietly to avoid any annoying squeaky or crackling sounds. There are also multiple pockets that you can use for optimal organization both in and out and it’s a great looking case too!

>>Find the Delsey Paris Hyperglide Expandable Spinner on Amazon<<


  • Comes with a built-in overweight indicator to eliminate the need to carry a scale
  • Overweight indicator included on the medium and large checked bags in the line
  • Handle is equipped with non-slip gripping
  • Durable polyester material that expands to hold more of your items
  • Hyperglide system means the telescoping handle and wheels will give you a smooth ride
  • Beautiful and well-made luggage line from Delsey Paris


  • Only indicates if your bag is overweight, does not tell you what the weight is

>>Find the Delsey Paris Hyperglide Expandable Spinner on Amazon<<


Overall, each of the luggage scales included on this list offer you a wide range of benefits, including the ability to conveniently weigh all of your luggage anywhere, anytime. Each of these products is compact, portable, and able to accurately provide you with the weight readings that you need in order to confidently travel and check-in at the airport. 

It may still be difficult to choose the best luggage scale for your specific needs, so we highly recommend product #3: Travel Inspira Digital Luggage Scale. This is a sleek looking scale with accurate reading, top-of-the-line capacity, predetermined overweight indicator, and a comfort grip built-in. 

Furthermore, this luggage scale has a data lock function to hold your weight on the screen for longer as well as an auto-off feature that can prolong the life of your battery. Given these benefits, and the fact that you get a protective case for it, you should check out the Travel Inspira Digital Luggage Scale

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