Best Jansport Backpack

If you’re in a hurry and are here to find out what the best JanSport backpack is then we recommend the Cool Student Backpack as the best one.

Backpacks are wonderfully convenient, and with 50 years of experience, it won’t be hard to find the best JanSport backpack to meet your everyday needs. JanSport has designed and manufactured a wide variety of packs to suit any lifestyle. Classy, creative packs are available for work, school, shopping, or traveling. Many, if not all of their packs also come with a lifetime guarantee where they promise to repair or replace any breaks.

Here are the anti-theft backpacks we will be reviewing:

How to Choose the Best JanSport Backpack

Not all packs are created equal. While there are many packs that may be aesthetically pleasing, it’s a good idea to think about what functions your pack will serve and which will be the best fit for your busy lifestyle. JanSport has several multipurpose packs as well as more specialized products.

Benefits of a JanSport Pack

JanSport is known for its versatility in high-quality, hard-wearing products. The packs are designed to combine fashion and function, with a wide range of colors and styles so you can always be both prepared for your day and look good too. The highly functional designs let you customize for your daily needs.

JanSport packs are also known for their affordability in comparison with similar products. Over the decades, JanSport has received consistently high consumer ratings. For long-lasting products, you can hardly go wrong with a JanSport.

How to Choose the Right Pack for Your Needs


Packs come in different sizes and capacities for children, adults, and those with some physical limitations. As a general rule, the bottom of the backpack should not hang more than 4 inches below the waistline, and the shoulder strap anchor points should rest comfortably 1-2 inches below the top of the shoulders. To avoid potential stress on shoulder and back muscles and joints, choose a pack that will correctly accommodate your, or the wearer’s, size.


There can be important differences in a pack that will be used daily and one that will be used only occasionally for traveling or outdoor activities. The types, size, and weight of items you will need to carry are also important, such as books or gym clothing or electronic gadgets. 

Comfort and Safety

Consider how comfortable the style and weight will be for your own daily activities, such as walking, running, using stairs, or frequent bending. It’s important not to exceed safe weight limits of about 15% of your body weight, especially for extended periods of time. You may also consider how waterproof your pack should be to prevent damage to expensive or hard-to-replace items.

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Important Pack Features


JanSport packs are constructed from tough, durable fabric with dependable buckles, zippers, and other fasteners. Pack construction may also include durable polyester mesh, a heavy faux leather bottom, sturdy wheels, and ergonomic, load-bearing handles.

Multiple Compartments 

Many sizes and types of compartments will help you organize items for convenience and safety. There are also some packs with extra organizational options within each larger compartment, so whatever you need can be at your fingertips when you need it.

Padded, Adjustable Straps 

Adequate padding will ensure your comfort as you go through the day. JanSport packs’ S-shaped straps are specially designed to conform to individual body shapes and evenly distribute weight, which helps prevent stress or injury.

Separate, Padded Gadget Compartments 

For those who need to carry multiple electronic gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and charging cables, JanSport offers packs with specialized, padded compartments to prevent damage to your valuable and important equipment while in transit to work or school or when using public transportation. 

Special Travel Packs

JanSport offers packs designed to make traveling easier, with sturdy wheels and comfortable telescoping handles for traversing airports or waiting for a taxi. These packs are great for carry-on use and also include hidden shoulder straps for ease of carrying when needed.

Uses of a JanSport Packs

JanSport packs can be used in almost any setting where there is a need to carry extra items for work, study, or pleasure. Some of the main pack functions include the following:

  • School–Packs feature multiple main compartments with extra separate sleeves for electronic gadgets, keeping them safe, secure, and easily accessible. Mesh packs may be used to meet school visibility requirements or add needed air circulation for contents such as gym clothes.
  • Outdoor activities–These packs are equipped with compression straps for added stability and mesh side pockets for water bottles or other frequently-accessed items. Outdoor packs may also have leather bottoms to protect them from rough surfaces.
  • Daypacks–These packs are a step down from full-sized packs. They’re great for children or adults with more petite frames. They carry small essentials such as cellphones, eyewear, and wallets. These packs may be ideal for the mall or a day in the local park.

Top 5 JanSport Backpacks

JanSport Black Label Superbreak Backpack 

Here is a JanSport multipurpose classic with a spacious main compartment to carry school books or all you need for a weekend trip. The front zippered pocket contains an organizer for smaller items. The pack is constructed from soft 600D polyester fabric and is water, abrasion, and fade resistant. Color holds up well when spot-cleaning. In addition, the tough, smooth fabric resists tearing.

This pack’s contents are held upright and stable by a semi-solid frame. The back and straight-cut straps are padded and adjustable for comfort. The pack also has an ergonomic carrying handle for quick moves or to hang the pack up out of the way. The pack alone is super light, weighing less than a pound, with a 25-liter capacity. 

The Black-label Superbreak comes in as many as 30 color combinations to add style and personality to its high-quality functionality. You’ll know your pack anywhere at a glance and you’ll be sure to make your own style statement with this multipurpose, iconic pack.

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  • Super lightweight, doesn’t even weigh 1 pound and has 25 liter capacity.
  • Made with durable 600D polyester yet still feels soft.
  • Stands up by itself with a semi-solid frame and can be packed away in many tight spaces.
  • The exterior is water-, abrasion-, and fade-resistant.
  • Internal organizer keeps personal or stationery items at your fingertips.
  • Large choice of durable colors and prints.
  • Can be easily cleaned without worry of the colors running.


  • Some customers comment that seams may begin to come loose with too much weight.
  • Main compartment has no dividers.

>>Find the JanSport Black Label Superbreak Backpack on Amazon<<

JanSport Cool Student Backpack

Like all JanSport packs, this school pack is designed to last. This model features a synthetic leather bottom and trim along with S-curved padded shoulder straps with a padded back panel and the traditional web haul handle. The durable, 100% polyester fabric comes in a wide assortment of colors for dependable, stylish storage protection.

The design includes 2 large compartments, a zippered 15″ laptop sleeve, 2 front utility pockets with organizer, and a convenient side water bottle pocket. The pack is constructed to resist wear and tear and fading. The pack is versatile enough for outdoor day activities or even weekend trips. 

This pack can take daily use and continue to be strong and dependable. The pack is lightweight at just a little over a pound, which gives you the ability to carry everything you need a stay comfortable. The pack has a 35-liter capacity, which is a good size for basic student needs.

>>Find the JanSport Cool Student Backpack on Amazon<<


  • Strong and dependable pack made with 100% polyester that’s built to last.
  • Offers 35 liters on internal capacity and multiple compartments for easy organization.
  • Features a 15″ internal laptop sleeve to help keep your laptop or tablet secure.
  • S-shaped straps with fully padded back for added comfort while carrying.
  • Side water bottle pocket, great for staying hydrated or to keep an umbrella.


  • No hip or sternum strap to help support large capacity

>>Find the JanSport Cool Student Backpack on Amazon<<

JanSport City View Backpack

This is another unisex, on-the-go pack with JanSport’s signature faux leather bottom, padded straight-cut shoulder straps, and a strong web haul handle. It’s available in colors and designs that will help reflect your own style while meeting all your daily pack needs. 

The City View Pack’s simple design includes a spacious main compartment with an up to 15″ laptop sleeve and front utility pocket with a built-in, convenient organizer. The 31-liter, multipurpose pack can be relied on for school, work, or outdoor activities. 

The pack can easily carry three textbooks plus binders, other school supplies, and even your lunch. For travel, the convenient carry-on size will fit under most airplane seats. This well-crafted pack can be used by either children or adults for any daily needs or weekend adventures.

>>Find the JanSport City View Backpack on Amazon<<


  • Heavy-duty, durable construction with many different colors and patterns available.
  • Plenty of organizational compartments and a 15″ protective laptop sleeve.
  • Large enough for school supplies (including your lunch).
  • Is also perfect as a carry-on and will fit underneath the seats of many airlines.
  • Nicely padded straps for comfort while you carry.
  • Features a diamond-shape leather attachment to hold additional gear.


  • No side pocket for carrying a water bottle or umbrella.

>>Find the JanSport City View Backpack on Amazon<<

JanSport CORTLANDT Backpack

This pack has a slightly smaller 25-liter capacity but still plenty of compartment space for school or work. It features a separate laptop sleeve and tablet sleeves and extra compartments for cables and accessories. Soft 600D polyester fabric, mesh-lined, padded straps, fully padded back, and faux suede bottom adds to the comfort and stylish look.

Students can appreciate the large compartment space for books and binders. There’s no need for carrying a briefcase to work when you can use this bag as an all-in-one bag for electronic gadgets and important papers, along with your lunch, personal, and stationery items. 

This model features a faux leather lashing square for attaching important items you may need to access quickly. The backpack is really lightweight at just 1 pound and is well-suited for many age groups from young children to adults.

>>Find the JanSport CORTLANDT Backpack on Amazon<<


  • Two large compartments with lots of pockets and organization. 
  • Lightweight, tough construction with a 25-liter capacity.
  • Different and unique design from other JanSport packs.
  • Features a diamond-shape leather attachment to hold additional gear.
  • Smaller than other packs on this list but still great for gadgets and school or travel gear.


  • Front zipper pocket too small to carry many items.
  • Some complained that front button snap fasteners are not durable enough.

>>Find the JanSport CORTLANDT Backpack on Amazon<<

JanSport Mesh Pack Backpack

If you need to be able to see the contents of your pack at a glance, this is the choice for you. Some schools and workplaces now require all bags and packs to be see-through. The special mesh construction will meet requirements while still offering some organization and a bit of style.

This pack features a roomy front utility pocket and a large capacity hanging compartment. Fully padded straps and the 33-liter capacity makes this a great bag for the gym or other outdoor activities. The heavy-duty mesh fabric decreases moisture and odor retention for a more pleasant and healthy pack environment.

This is a highly flexible, lightweight pack that is able to carry odd-shaped or bulky items such as clothing easily. Still, the mesh is not as heavy-duty as fabric, so too many heavy or sharp-cornered contents are not recommended.

>>Find the JanSport Mesh Pack Backpack on Amazon<<


  • Perfect to meet backpack visibility requirements in schools, workplaces, or other environments.
  • Contents visible at a glance for your own convenience in locating items.
  • Roomy for school supplies, gym equipment, or travel gear.
  • Flexible and lightweight, able to carry odd-shaped items.
  • Available in many other colors and patterns that increase the look significantly.


  • No protection from adverse weather conditions.
  • No side water bottle pocket.

>>Find the JanSport Mesh Pack Backpack on Amazon<<


Of all the above-reviewed packs, the Cool Student Backpack‘s versatility, large capacity, and side water bottle pocket help it stand out as the best JanSport backpack in its class. It’s called a student pack, but could just as easily be used for work, travel, or outdoor activities. The contoured straps help it conform to individual body shapes and sizes for greater comfort and less stress.

Overall, the reputation of high-quality workmanship carried by the JanSport name makes it an excellent choice for any backpacking needs. I have purchased numerous JanSport packs for myself, my wife, and nieces and nephews over the years, and I know when I reach for my JanSport I can pack and go with confidence in the durability of the product for traveling, hiking, work, or school.

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