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If you’re in a hurry and are here to find out what the best canvas backpack is then we recommend The Gootium High-Density Canvas Backpack as the best one.

Are you someone that’s known to always pack too much in your backpack? Whether you’re packing your belongings for a camping trip or you’re packing it for school or work, we all have those days where it feels like our shoulders are going to give out because of the heavy weight of our bag. If this sounds familiar to you, then a canvas backpack may be your best solution. 

Canvas backpacks are known for their durable and yet lightweight material. Canvas material is thicker and offers a wide variety of benefits, which is why many companies are starting to make backpacks using canvas materials. If you’re interested in learning more about canvas backpacks or you want to find the best canvas backpack for you, then this article is here to help! We cover information for choosing the best canvas backpack and also take a closer look at five of the best canvas backpacks on the market. 

Here are the best canvas backpacks we will be reviewing:

Different Types of Backpacks

First, let’s take a general look at popular backpack models that are on the market today.

Everyday Carry Backpacks

Everyday carry backpacks include bags like basic daypacks, rucksacks, anti-theft backpacks, laptop bags, tote backpacks, and even duffel bags. Each of these bags is designed for everyday activities and offer different benefits. These bags are great for school, work, going to the gym, going to a festival, or exploring a new city.  

Camping Backpacks

Camping backpacks are specifically designed to carry all you might need for extended hiking and camping trips. These backpacks have multiple attachment points that you can utilize for your gear as well as a large spacious main compartment that can hold all of the larger accessories that you need to carry. These bags are great for holding hiking gear, biking gear, clothes, necessities, and other types of equipment. 

They’re specially equipped with features that allow for maximized comfort, such as ventilated back panels that offer airflow to help keep you cool. Not only that, but the shoulder straps usually come with additional cushion in order to prevent your shoulders from experiencing discomfort due to the weight of the bag and additional straps help to better distribute the weight.

Travel Backpacks

There are also bags on the market that are designed specifically for travel, like backpacking bags, carry-on bags, TSA-friendly bags, and wheeled backpacks. Each of these bags can make your traveling experiences easier with features like lightweight construction, TSA-friendly locks, or anti-theft functions. They are typically more sleek in design which makes them easier to carry around when traveling.

Benefits of Canvas Backpacks


Canvas material is extremely lightweight, especially compared to other types of materials. Given that, it results in backpacks that are great for carrying heavy weight as the canvas material will support the weight without adding any extra to the load. 


Canvas material is also a very versatile material and can be made into practically any type of bag. It can be shaped into practically any design or shape that you want, so it’s great for various different types and designs of backpacks. This is one of the best things about canvas if you like the material, you can get pretty much any style of bag you want in it.

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Unlike other backpack materials that may feel thin and weak, canvas material is great because of its thickness and durability. This is due to canvas material being a plain-woven fabric that can offer maximized strength and stability. Given their tightly-woven material, canvas bags are great for carrying around heavy weight. 

Little Maintenance

With all of the durability and stability of canvas material, these packs often require little maintenance to keep them in good shape. Canvas material can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth. You can even use various different sprays on the material, so you don’t have to worry about certain sprays negatively affecting the fabric.

Some canvas backpacks can even be waterproof, or at least water-resistant. And what’s great is that given that you can spray the material with mostly anything, you can weather-proof your canvas pack too.

How to Choose the Best Canvas Backpack

Size of Your Canvas Backpack

Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a canvas backpack is the size. There are a wide variety of different-sized backpacks on the market, so you can choose which one will work best for you. You’ll want to make sure that your bag is able to effectively fit all of your belongings inside of it. Most of the bags on this list are able to hold plenty of items.

Storage Compartments

Aside from the size of the bag and the amount of storage that it offers altogether, it’s good to also consider the different compartments the backpack offers. Storage compartments are great as they help to organize your belongings, and can neatly fit smaller items inside of them, preventing you from having to dig around in the larger compartments. 

What You’ll Use Your Canvas Backpack For

It’s also helpful to consider what you’re planning on using the backpack for as they vary in size and design. Some canvas backpacks are specifically designed for trekking and hiking, some are designed for super casual use, and others for school or work.

Given that, you should consider what type of activities or engagements you’ll be experiencing while you’re using the backpack and choose one with features that will suit your needs and style.


Lastly, look for signs of how comfortable the backpack is. Most canvas bags are equipped with cushioned shoulder straps, or offer different ways to carry it which is great if you will likely carry it for long periods of time. Adjustable straps are great too to help make the pack fit you just right.

Top 5 Best Canvas Backpack Reviews

Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack  – The Desert Explorer

This Sandpiper Backpack is produced with a 600 Denier polyester that is mixed with canvas fabric, making it extra durable. This is a rugged backpack with lots of capacity that can also expand for an extra 3-inches of width. The front is inspired by military packs with a Molle design, which is a lot of small square tabs that you can attach extra gear or other things to. On top of expansion, this pack also has compression straps to keep everything held in tight once packed. 

The shoulder straps can be unhooked and hidden in a back compartment where there is also space for a hydration pack. It features a heavy-duty hip strap to help bear the load of the bag and the straps feature more hooks to attach quick access items to, like a light or whistle. Inside there is tons of space, room for a laptop, and internal compression straps to hold your items in place. Offered in black, brown, or green, this is a great pack for school, work, casual use, exploring new cities or the rugged outdoors.

>>Find The Sandpiper of California Bugout Bag on Amazon<<


  • Produced with a mixture of polyester and canvas material for extra durability.
  • A rugged backpack with a Molle design, extra straps and hooks, a heavy-duty hip belt, and space for a hydration pack.
  • Two large compartments, the main pocket expands and features compression straps to hold your items in place.
  • The shoulder straps can be removed and stored away if you choose to carry the back from the top or side instead.
  • TSA-friendly design as the main compartment flap opens all the way for quick access at airport security.


  • Large capacity may make the pack too heavy and the pack may seem bulky to some people.

>>Find The Sandpiper of California Bugout Bag on Amazon<<

Witzman Men Canvas Travel Backpack – The Vintage Manly Man

This Witzman pack is, as the title suggests, designed for men. But that is mainly due to its large size, so if you’re a woman and like the look, check it out! This pack is ready for anything, it has too many different pockets and compartments to list off here and can be carried in three different ways. As rugged and vintage as the design of this bag is, there is still a protective sleeve for a laptop, laptop, and cell phone. 

The capacity of this pack will allow you to pack enough for an overnight camping trip, extended hike, or weekend away. The quality of this bag is seen in the detail from the good quality handles, zippers, and straps, to the traditional design and materials used. It’s available in a number of different color options and in two different sizes, 19-inch and 22-inch.

>>Find the Witzman Men Canvas Travel Backpack on Amazon<<


  • Durable cotton canvas and leather materials used in this vintage designed pack.
  • Offers three different ways to carry, as a tote, as a duffel, or as a backpack.
  • Features tons of different pockets and compartments to keep your items organized and protected.
  • Offered in two different sizes, 19-inch and 22-inch, the larger being big enough for an overnight trip.
  • Great quality all over, and great attention to detail from the zippers to the handles.


  • Designed for men but likely strong enough for women who may be slightly taller.

>>Find the Witzman Men Canvas Travel Backpack on Amazon<<

Ambry Rope Sling Women’s Backpack – The Fun Festival Friend

This Ambry Rope Sling pack is a great example, compared to the two options above, of how diverse canvas bags can be. Not only that but the different styles and designs it can be used to create too. This is a sling backpack designed for women as it is slightly smaller in capacity and overall size. The strap is a weaved rope design that is stretchy to give you more comfort and there is additional padding in the back panel to make it even comfier to carry. The strap also features a large clip so you can easily put the pack on and take it off.

The beauty of this option though is, literally, the beautiful designs, there are almost 10 different colors and patterns to choose from, each unique and beautiful and certain to attract onlookers. This pack is perfect for, day trips, short hikes, day festivals, casual days out in the city, and that sort of thing. There are two designated pockets for a smartphone and other pockets of different size, you can use this as a large purse, or a small backpack alternative.

>>Find the Ambry Rope Sling Bag on Amazon<<


  • Close to 10 awesome design options, each unique and sure to attract compliments.
  • Extra laid-back and comfortable pack with additional back padding and a stretchy shoulder strap.
  • Easy to use with a large clip that opens and closes the shoulder strap.
  • Extra durable canvas material and metal zippers, designed to last a long time.
  • Two large pockets and three smaller pockets, including designated cell phone pockets.
  • A great alternative to a backpack and it can be used as a large purse.
  • Designed for day trips, short hikes, day festivals, or city breaks.


  • Does not carry a lot of items and is not recommended for camping or longer trips alone.
  • Front smartphone pocket may leave your device vulnerable to theft.
  • The shoulder strap is not reversible, if that is a problem, you can find some other sling backpack options here.

>>Find the Ambry Rope Sling Bag on Amazon<<

Gootium High-Density Canvas Backpack – The Authentic Classic

Labeled as the Backpack Rucksack, this Gootium High-Density pack is made from 100% pure cotton and is designed with a vintage look and feel in several different colors. This is a versatile backpack as you can use it for just about anything, it’s large 30L capacity will allow you to pack enough for an overnight or camping trip and the external straps and buckles let you attach more gear to the outside. It may be slightly too casual to be used in some workplaces but this is a great backpack for anyone and any purpose.

The closure of this pack is a buckled flap that closes over a drawstring opening. This type of opening can sometimes lead to a disorganized pile of your stuff inside, but this backpack offers internal pockets to help keep your items organized. It even includes a zipped off security pocket to help keep your valuables safe. As well as all of the external pockets that you can see in the picture above.

>>Find the Gootium High-Density Canvas Backpack on Amazon<<


  • Classic casual backpack design made with a heavy-duty 100% cotton canvas.
  • Great workmanship and design, no detail is overlooked from the buckles to the leather accents.
  • A versatile option that can accommodate school or work, but also an overnight or camping trip.
  • Large enough to carry a laptop up to 17-inches.
  • Flap and drawstring closure design with lots of pockets and compartments to keep your items organized.
  • Includes an out-of-sight zipper pocket to help keep valuable items safe.


  • Doesn’t have a frame for structure and won’t stand up on its own.

>>Find the Gootium High-Density Canvas Backpack on Amazon<<

Wowbox Canvas Vintage Leather Backpack – The Economic Option

This Wowbox backpack can fit a lot of things in it. You could fit enough for an overnight trip, including a laptop, tablet, books, and a water bottle. This backpack has pockets everywhere, including compartments in the main pocket to help keep you organized. You’ll also find a secret pocket in the back panel, ideal for a tablet. There are two different size packs to choose from, 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch and two colors, coffee (pictured) and grey.

This pack offers lots of pockets and organization but unlike the pack above, these buckles and flap do not accommodate additional items and gear as well. And though this is a great looking pack that lots of people like, it may not be as durable as others on this list so consider what you will be using it for.

>>Find the Wowbox Canvas Vintage Leather Backpack on Amazon<<


  • Comes in two different size and color options, 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch and coffee or grey.
  • Tons of pockets and compartments to keep your items organized.
  • Enough space for a short overnight trip.
  • Classic design makes the pack a good option for school, work, or adventure.


  • Not as durable as other options on this list and less able to accommodate outside attachments.
  • Putting a hard item in the hidden back panel pocket may make the pack uncomfortable to wear.

>>Find the Wowbox Canvas Vintage Leather Backpack on Amazon<<

Best Canvas Backpack Conclusion

Due to the variety of styles and designs that canvas bags come in, we love all of the options on this list for different reasons. This also means that you can find what you are looking for more easily with canvas and that there is something for everyone. Durability and good storage are the main benefits throughout all of these options but if you still can’t decide, then may we recommend #4 The Gootium High-Density Canvas Backpack.

The Gootium is a truly well-made backpack and offers the design that most imagine when they think of “canvas backpack.” Gootium is based in California which gives its design a well-backed and genuine feel on top of its great quality and well-thought-out features. This backpack can be taken anywhere and used for any purpose, school, (maybe) work, or hiking and camping but most of all, it is designed for all genders!

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