Aerolite Luggage Review

If you’re in a hurry and are here to find out what the best piece of Aerolite luggage is then we recommend the Aerolite Ultra-Light Carry-on & Shoulder Bag Set as the best one

We have rounded up the best Aerolite Luggage out there and below we will take you through the top 5. Aerolite Luggage has some popular cases of different sizes available but the most popular products are carry-on cases or sets of two different pieces of luggage. In researching this article we were left scratching our heads as to who Aerolite exactly is. It seems they were once a subsidiary of a well-known travel brand before that brand too was bought by another company and from there the trail ends.

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We mention this as we are big believers in good warranties and customer service when it comes to the luggage that we recommend at Well-Packed Traveler, and we are unsure whether either a good warranty or customer service will be available for these products. That being said, we did find some good quality pieces of luggage with lots of rave reviews.

Here are the best Aerolite products that we will be reviewing:
As you can see Aerolite is not very creative with their product names (click the links to see the even longer versions!) The names all seem to just be descriptions of the cases. In order to make it easier to tell one from the other, we have underlined the unique words.

Finding the right kind of luggage to fit your specific needs can be difficult, especially considering there are so many different styles, types, and brands on the market to choose from. This complete guide will help you review the Aerolite brand, and it will also help you choose between five of the best Aerolite sets on the market. 

Types of Luggage

Carry-on Luggage

Carry-on cases are great for air travel since they give you the ability to store your most frequently used items inside of the bag and you can use them while on the plane. Many of the most popular Aerolite luggage seem to either be carry-on cases, or luggage sets that include a carry-on. They’re smaller than average upright luggage but this gives them the ability to fit inside of the plane cabin with you. If you can fly with only your smaller carry-on case, it is very convenient as you don’t need to wait at the baggage claim at your destination.

Aerolite’s carry-on cases are stated to be approved by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest, United, Alaska, JetBlue Airways, Spirit, Volaris, Allegiant Air, Hawaiian, Sun Country Airlines.

Upright Luggage

There are also the most common upright bags that are responsible for carrying the majority of your belongings while you’re on travel. Though Aerolite doesn’t have many popular upright cases. Checked luggage is likely to be checked by the TSA in order to ensure their safety, and all of them have to be weighed. When you’re traveling by air you should be aware that your luggage has weight limits and there is a fee if your checked luggage exceeds that limit.

Other Luggage

Aerolite offers many of their carry-on cases as part of a two-piece set. The other pieces found in these sets are an “underseater“, and a “travel suitcase” and “shoulder bag” which look to be roughly the same thing.

An underseater is a smaller case than an average carry-on, designed to fit beneath the seat in front of you. Many are just big enough for two outfits, a laptop, work or school papers, and other smaller essentials – they are great if you frequently travel and pack light when you do.

The travel suitcase and shoulder bag offered are smart looking rectangular bags (think large toiletries bag) with one main compartment and a few smaller external pockets. These are great companions to a carry-on case as many are the perfect size to be a personal item if your flight allows. They can also be attached to the retractable handle at the top of a carry-on case or any other larger luggage.

How to Choose the Right Luggage

Consider How You Travel

Your luggage will hold practically all of your belongings while you travel so you’ll want to make sure that you purchase luggage that’s able to provide an adequate amount of support during your trip. You should think about how you’re planning on traveling to help decide which case will best suit your needs. 

For instance, if you’re flying on a plane, then you may want TSA-approved locks built into your luggage. If you’re planning a road trip, you don’t necessarily need a case that’s the most durable since you’ll probably be the only one handling it. And if you’re on a cruise ship, then you may want flat and rigid luggage, since cases are usually stacked on top of each other. 

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Storage When Not in Use

When you’re not using your luggage you will likely need to store it somewhere at home – consider where you might be able to do this. If you have a house and a garage, great, but if you live in an apartment with less storage space, it’s good to plan ahead. Hard-shelled bags are the most difficult to store since they tend to keep their shape and are inflexible when trying to fit into smaller spaces. 

Soft side cases are more easily stored as they can be manipulated to fit into more spaces than hard side cases can. But there are many more pros and cons to consider in the hard vs soft luggage debate.

Features to Consider Before Purchasing


These days 99% of luggage is equipped with wheels that can help you easily transport the bag long distance with practically no effort. But some bags are more easy to move than others. 

Luggage usually has either two or four wheels, each type offering its own beneficial features. Two-wheeled bags can be pulled behind you by the extending handle that it comes with. The wheels are often recessed to offer more durability and withstand being pulled over more rough pavement and surfaces, and up curbs. 

On the other hand, four-wheeled, or “spinner” cases are designed to simply be guided across smooth surfaces instead of being pulled behind you. By not having to pull the suitcase, these bags can be easier to transport, but they can be difficult to move across uneven surfaces. 


Regardless of where or how frequently you’re traveling, it’s important to consider the general durability of the case. Your case will likely be thrown around after being checked at the airport, but also take knocks even when you’re on a road trip. A case with a durable, tear- and water-resistant material is a great place to start, and both soft side and hard side cases can offer these features. 

Hard side cases can offer more durability and protection for your belongings inside and tend to weigh less but offer fewer storage compartments, and typically none on the outside at all. 

Soft side cases are often composed of thick, durable fabrics and although they’re not able to offer the same protection for your belongings, soft side luggage is more flexible, so you are able to pack more of your belongings. These cases also tend to bounce back a bit better from heavy knocks they may take when traveling, where hard side cases may incur an unsightly dent that can’t really be fixed.

Luggage Set vs. Individual Case

And lastly, consider whether you’ll need a full luggage set or whether one case will work for you. Sets come in various shapes and sizes with a variety of different cases included. Often included are one or two upright bags, a carry-on, and a personal bag. If you travel often and for different reasons, such as work and family trips, then a set can be great as you will have a case that will serve you for each purpose. Likewise, if you have a medium to a large family, a luggage set can be a one-time purchase that serves the whole families packing needs.

Top 5 Aerolite Product Reviews

As mentioned above, Aerolite seems to use descriptions “name” their cases. A lot of similar words are used in the “names” so we have underlined the unique words in each product name to help to tell them apart.

Aerolite Maximum Allowance Hardside Carry-on

This Aerolite hard side carry-on is produced with a scratch-resistant and lightweight ABS material that helps to withstand being thrown around and weighs less than 5-pounds. This is a great looking case that is equipped with four spinner wheels, a multi-stop telescoping handle, and zippers that you can attach a travel lock to for security – a 3-digit Aerolite combination lock is also included with this case.

Inside you will find 40L of packing space and two or three internal pockets to keep things separated and organized. Inside you will also find a zipped-off section in the top so you can fully utilize the space offered. This case is available in either charcoal (pictured) or rose gold.

>>Find the Aerolite Maximum Allowance Hardside Carry-on on Amazon<<


  • Exterior is made from scratch-resistant ABS material to help keep it looking good.
  • Super lightweight at just 4.62 pounds.
  • The light weight, sturdy handle, and spinner wheels can help with easy mobility.
  • Comes with a 3-digit combination padlock to attach to the zippers and better secure your items.
  • Offers 40L of packing space with basic internal pockets to help keep you organized.
  • Available in two colors, charcoal (shown above) and rose gold.


  • Some customers complain of the handles breaking easily.
  • A 5-year warranty is likely not valid as Aerolite is difficult to find out anything about or contact.

>>Find the Aerolite Maximum Allowance Hardside Carry-on on Amazon<<

Aerolite Maximum Allowance Softside Carry-on

This is the softside equivalent of the case above and is also able to fit 40 liters and weighs just over 5-pounds. The exterior is made from 600 Denier polyester which is a great balance between durable and light weight. There are two extra pockets on the front of the case for quick-access or last-minute items and the main zipper is compatible with a travel lock. As with the case above, this case comes with an aerolite combination lock that can be used to secure your items.

The case’s spinner wheels are reinforced with protective materials around them to help them last longer. The light weight of the case and the multi-stopping telescoping handle help make mobility nice and smooth with this case. 

>>Find the Aerolite Maximum Allowance Softside Carry-on on Amazon<<


  • Lightweight soft side case, at just 5.3-pounds.
  • Features two front pockets for quick-access and last-minute items.
  • Comes with an Aerolite travel lock that can help to secure the main compartment.
  • The wheels have protection materials around them to help protect them from bumps.


  • Previous customers complain that the suitcase isn’t the same size as the measurements advertised.
  • It has also been stated by previous customers that the wheels have broken easily and handle is not sturdy.

>>Find the Aerolite Maximum Allowance Softside Carry-on on Amazon<<

Aerolite Ultra-Light Carry-on & Shoulder Bag Set

This Aerolite set is the best looking on this list, with a retro feel in this color theme (though this color is labeled “navy” which seems slightly amiss.) This set includes a 21-inch carry-on case and a 16-inch shoulder bag. Both pieces are made from a durable 600 Denier polyester that will resist wear and tear. The carry-on case features a lockable main compartment and a large front pocket, the same can be said for the layout of the shoulder bag. 

The spinner wheels on the carry-on are doubled-up for extra durability and the shoulder bag can easily attach to its telescoping handle for easier carrying. Inside of the carry-on is a lot of packing space with a zipped-off mesh pocket in the top for organization – it seems some packing cubes may be in order. This set also includes an Aerolite combination lock to help secure your items or be used elsewhere.

>>Find the Aerolite Ultra-Light Carry-on & Shoulder Bag Set on Amazon<<


  • Stylish luggage set, also available in black, featuring a 21-inch carry-on case and 16-inch shoulder bag.
  • The shoulder bag can be easily attached to the telescoping handle of the carry on to making carrying easier.
  • Both are the lightest on this list, the carry-on is only 4.1-pounds and the bag is 1.1-pounds.
  • A combined capacity of almost 55L and both pieces can be carried onto many planes together.
  • The spinner wheels on the carry-on are doubled up for increased durability.
  • Both pieces are made from a durable 600 Denier polyester material that is durable and longer-lasting.
  • Main compartments on both pieces can be secured with included luggage lock.


  • Carry-on is smaller than other options on this list.

>>Find the Aerolite Ultra-Light Carry-on & Shoulder Bag Set on Amazon<<

Aerolite Carry-on & Underseater Set

This Aerolite set features yet another carry-on, this one is offered with a 15-inch underseater case. The underseater can likely pass as your personal item on many airlines, meaning both of these cases can be carried on. The underseater is likely too small for a laptop but can hold everything else that you want at your feet during the flight.

Both cases are made from durable 600 denier polyester material that will help to resist the wear and tear of travel. Both offer three compartments, two exterior pockets for quick-access, last-minute items, or a water bottle, and one main compartment. The main zipper on each case can be secured with a travel lock, which is included with this set. The spinner wheels on the carry-on are doubled up for extra durability and the underseater is a tw0-wheeled pull behind, so you’ll be spinning one and pulling the other.

>>Find the Aerolite Carry-on & Underseater Set on Amazon<<


  • Smart looking set features a 21-inch carry-on case and an almost 16-inch underseater.
  • The underseater could pass as your personal items with many airlines so that you can carry both on with you.
  • Both pieces are made with durable 600 denier polyester for additional durability.
  • Both pieces offer two external pockets for last-minute or quick-access items and one main compartment.
  • The main compartments on both pieces can be secured with an included travel lock.
  • Spinner wheels on the carry-on are doubled up for added durability.
  • Two color options are available.


  • May be awkward to pull one behind you and “spin” the other next to you.

>>Find the Aerolite Carry-on & Underseater Set on Amazon<<

Aerolite Large Capacity Carry-on & Travel Suitcase Set

This Aerolite set features the large soft side carry-on case that is featured above along with a 16-inch travel suitcase. Apart from the zippers, this “travel suitcase” is more or less identical in size, capacity, and style to the “shoulder bag” above, it even features a shoulder strap of its own. Both cases are made from a durable 600 denier polyester material and both cases can be conveniently attached to the telescoping handle of larger cases for easier carrying – yes even the carry-on.

This is a very smart looking set and has a higher combined capacity than the other sets on this list, at almost 60L. There are two compartments in the travel suitcase for items you’d like to have close to you, and three compartments in the carry-on. The main compartment of both can be secured with a travel lock, that is included in this set.

>>Find the Aerolite Large Capacity Carry-on & Travel Suitcase Set on Amazon<<


  • Smart looking luggage set featuring a 21-inch carry-on and 16-inch travel suitcase.
  • Both pieces are made from durable polyester materials to improve resistance from wear and tear.
  • Both items together weigh 6.1-pounds and offer a total of almost 60L capacity.
  • You will likely be able to bring the travel suitcase as your personal item on many flights.
  • Both pieces can be attached to the telescoping handles of other luggage, slightly unusual for the carry-on, but convenient.


  • Wheels on the carry-on may not be very durable.

>>Find the Aerolite Large Capacity Carry-on & Travel Suitcase Set on Amazon<<


Overall, each of these Aerolite cases and sets are equipped with various different features that can make your traveling experience easier. Most are lightweight and offer good mobility while being made from durable materials.  For our favorite, we are choosing style in this review and recommend the Aerolite Ultra-Light Carry-on & Shoulder Bag Set above the rest.

This is a great looking set with a retro feel and is made from durable materials. Even though the carry-on is slightly smaller than other cases featured here, these are the lightest cases on this list and still offer good capacity. It ticks a lot of the same boxes as the other cases, like lockable zippers, but the style is important, and this set sits above the rest in good looks.

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