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Hi and welcome! We are Justine and Tom, a married couple in our early 30s and proud new parents of twin girls. We have both been traveling since we too were very young, Tom took his first steps while on vacation and was made to wear an “Unaccompanied Minor” lanyard during his first transatlantic flight, and Justine has been flying domestically in Canada, into some of the tiniest airports you can imagine, alone, since she was 7! Now with children of our own, we want to share the travel tips that we have accumulated along the way with you, from both before and after becoming parents.

We know that not all luggage is created equal while at the same time we believe that it is the last thing you need to think of or worry about while you’re out exploring the world. There are some real gems out there that we want to highlight so you can quicken your luggage search and start exploring with confidence.

Our Mission is to ensure you are equipped to travel and explore anywhere with confidence

How we create content

If we aren’t able to get our hands on a product and inspect it and try it out ourselves (and even if we do) then we scour the internet for reviews, taking into account what all users of a case or bag have to say about it and recommend only those products that we would, or do, use ourselves.

When it comes to reviewing brands, we certainly have our favorites based on our personal knowledge and experience but we will always give the most honest and accurate information about a brand that we can find. For instance, if a brand looks to be registered overseas and we have found it hard to contact for customer service or warranty information, we will make that clear.

What's in it for you?

There is a lot of luggage out there that is all different shapes and sizes, with new brands appearing all the time and old brands re-inventing themselves with new features and designs. We wade through the (busy/heavy/saturated) market and bring you good suggestions for all types of luggage you are looking for. These reviews will be honest and will give you a background on all types of luggage available.

If you’re just at the beginning of planning your next trip, start with our Travel Planning Guide. Or if you have your plans set and now need the perfect luggage to take with you our Suitcase Reviews are a great place to start.

Justine and Tom Haveland